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October 2014
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Obama Dismantles the Democrat Base

PUBLIC DISSATISFACTION with President Obama’s leadership, or lack thereof, continues to grow.  The country is going in the wrong direction and voters are finally placing the blame where it belongs; with Obama and the Democrats:


Democrats in Liberal states continue to DISRESPECT OBAMA:


Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the US House of Representatives are expecting DAMAGING LOSSES in the election next week:


Harry Reid is BEGGING VOTERS to help him keep his job as US Senate majority leader:


Democrat politicians are resorting to DESPARATE MEASURES to scare the Democrat base into voting booth:


Is OBAMACARE HURTING Democrat politicians running for office?  Yes…it is:


The DEMOCRAT BASE may not show up at the polls next week:


WOMEN VOTERS are turning away from the Democrat Party: and here:


YOUNG VOTERS want the Republicans to control congress: and they plan to vote for Republicans next week:


Even HISPANIC VOTERS favor a GOP takeover of the US Senate:


Are BLACK VOTERS starting to wake up?  Many are turning to the Republicans for answers to their economic woes:


Even some BLACK ACTIVISTS in Chicago are questioning the status quo:


Many Blacks are tired of Democrat WHITE POLITICIANS using them to gain political power:


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