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The Obama Legacy is a Disaster

The Obama Legacy is a disaster that the American people will not forget:


Before he leaves office, Obama is determined to complete his fundamental change of America.  What he doesn’t realize is that once he leaves…we will fundamentally change it back:


Meanwhile…Obama will continue to destroy the Democrat Party.  Another Republican win gives the GOP a historic majority in the US House of Representatives:


Republican favorability ratings are up…Democrat ratings are down:


Even Liberal judges recognize that the Obama executive actions are illegal and unconstitutional:


The Democrat phony War on Women claims continue to fall flat as another strong woman GOP candidate wins:


Without our Christian ideology, hard work ethic, tax money, strong military, prosperity, guns, and ingenuity to prop it up…the Democrat government would be an utter failure.  Blue America without Red America would have to surrender:


Repeal it!  Obama care is a $250 billion tax grab.  The insurance companies are the collection agency:


The new Republican congress must pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution or at least pass a balanced budget.  Please add your voice to the growing number of voters calling for a balanced budget.  Sign the petition here:

And here:  

And here:  

And here:  


We are counting down the time until Obama leaves office.  It can’t come soon enough:


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