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The United States of Mexico

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against folks who immigrate to the United States legally in an orderly  manner.  If they want to come here, I think they should learn English, American history and culture, study our constitution, respect our laws and salute our American Stars & Stripes flag.  In short; they should assimilate and be proud to be an American.  I was once fluent in the Spanish language and I lived in Venezuela for two years.  Skin color is not the issue.  I love the people from Mexico, Central America and South America.  I don’t like their culture.  The issue is enforcement of the rule of law.  If the Mexican “culture” is imported to the United States I think it would be a disaster:


Case in point: California.  Please don’t Cali fornicate the United States:


Most Democrats think illegal immigrants should vote!


Obama is fundamentally changing America by releasing criminal illegal immigrants into the general populace rather than deporting them:


Because of the growing number of entitlement-minded voters, Hillary Clinton can run as her true self:


VIDEO: America is the most generous country in the world:


VIDEO: Jorge Ramos of the Fusion Network invites Ann Coulter for a little chat on immigration:


More on the Ann Coulter interview:


Illegal immigrant reveals a desire to limit American free speech rights:


Some studies suggest that there are 30 million undocumented immigrants in America.  A very large percentage are from Mexico.  To put that in perspective; it is interesting to note that the entire population of Mexico is around 120 million.  If the Mexican culture is so great…why are they only swimming one way?


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