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Greg Barreto Letter to Kate Brown

Representative Greg Barreto Submits Letter To Governor Kate Brown Regarding Syrian Refugees In Oregon

Salem, OR – State Representative Greg Barreto (R-Cove) submitted the following letter to Governor Kate Brown regarding Syrian refugees in Oregon:

November 20, 2015

Dear Governor Brown,

Because of your position and the responsibility it carries, the decisions you are often faced with are a difficult and delicate balancing act.  Nevertheless, they are decisions that must be made after careful thought, wise counsel and sometimes anguish.  That being said, I would appeal to you along with many of my constituents, that you reconsider your stated position on Syrian refugees coming to Oregon.  We are all extremely opposed to your position and are very concerned for the safety and security of the people in our state.  I think we all agree that many of these refugees are in need of help and safe haven to protect them from the ill treatment from which they are fleeing and I, without a doubt, think most of us are very compassionate and desire to be good Samaritans.  But compassion does not trump prudence and common sense when calculating the risk.  We should in no way discount the responsibility we assumed to protect our citizens and that should be the driving force behind our decisions.  There are other means by which to help these displaced refugees without putting Oregon at risk of experiencing situations such as Paris and similar attacks in other parts of the world.

Currently, there are no failsafe vetting processes that have been generated.  There are no databases to work against and Syria does not have the government records necessary to verify that each individual is actually who they say they are.  We have no way to determine if one or more are on a mission to deceive and destroy.  ISIS does not operate by conventional means but is constantly searching for any and all creative methods of penetrating our defenses and taking us out.  We are dealing with an organization that thrives on shrewd means of deception to carry out their terrorist activity against those they hate.  The refugee program is to them simply another vehicle they are using to continue their agenda of terror.  To see this is not difficult, to find a solution is.

Until we come up with a secure vetting system we should focus on finding other solutions to procure sanctuary for these displaced people.

I urge you to please reevaluate your current position on this issue and take more time to assess all options.  Demand a secure and foolproof vetting process before we even consider proceeding and make the safety of our citizens your number one priority.

Thank you Governor for your time and consideration.


Greg Barreto
State Representative HD-58

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