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Dorchester Conference


FREE TRUMP/PENCE yard signs are going fast!  Get yours while the supply lasts.  Tell your friends and neighbors to come by my office during regular office hours tomorrow and all of next week.  Now is the time to defeat Crooked HiLIARy.  There are only 40 days left until the election.  Voting in Oregon begins on October 19thWe must do everything we can to defeat Clinton and the Democrats who support her Socialist policies.  Reverse the Obama transformation of America…ELECT TRUMP!  This might be our last, best chance to put a Republican administration in the White House and save our Supreme Court from Liberal activists.


Post-debate Trump rally fills massive hanger in FLORIDA:


If the election were held today…Trump would win:


Clinton has lost her grip on the electoral college advantage:


Trump and the Republicans gain ground in key battleground states:


New polls show Clinton trailing in battleground states of OHIO, NEVADA and COLORADO:


Crowd erupts in laughter when Democrat candidate calls HiLIARy “honest.”


200 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Not be President:


HiLIARy Hates You:


The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama:  …Race riots:


OBAMA’s LAST DAY:  We just can’t wait!


Americans for Liberty PAC

A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers

Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA

1615 4th Street

La Grande OR  97850

(541) 963-7930

Fax (541) 963-7750

Email [email protected]

Clinton documentary at the Granada

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is now playing at the Granada 3 Theatre in La Grande this Saturday


Watch the trailer here:


Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750
Email [email protected]

Trump is up!

We have free TRUMP yard signs!  Give me a call or drop by the office during regular office hours.  If there is a car out front, I am probably in the office.


Today, Mr. Trump is ahead in Ohio and North Carolina.  He is tied in Florida.  He is within 5 points in Pennsylvania and Colorado ( which usually go heavily Democrat).  Yesterday he was within 2 points in most of the national polling.  Oregon looks like a lost cause…but we will never surrender without a fight!  J Things are looking up.


TRUMP Up, HiLIARy Down, Obama Out by Victor Davis Hanson (a registered Democrat)


Obama’s last day: In about 4 months, we can bury the Obama imperial presidency on the ash-heap of history.


Republicans experience excitement and HUGE crowds at Trump campaign events:


Meanwhile at the Clinton speech there are empty seats:


Trump visits the Liberal Left Coast in the state of Washington and gives the Democrats a short history lesson:


The Democrats are hiding HiLIARy:


Americans for Liberty PAC

A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers

Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750
Email [email protected]

Last 30 Days



“Torchbearer” Film Trailer


There will be two rallies at the Capitol this week to object to the minimum wage bills.  One will be Wednesday morning at 8am and gathering on the State Street steps.

The second will be at 11am on Friday.  Meeting place will be announced later today, but please SAVE THE DATE!





















T-shirts are available and encouraged to be worn while visiting the Capitol.


Please contact me if you have any questions and forward this email to anyone who would be willing to support us in this effort.


Chris Barreto

541 910-5247

Secretary of the Oregon Republican Party


Greg Walden on Armed Standoff in Oregon

What’s Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative ! KrisAnne Hall

Urgent- Cove Citizens

Cove Republicans,
The Cove City Council, by not taking a vote, defaulted to having marijuana legal for growing in the City of Cove.

62.59% of the citizens of the city of Cove voted NO on this.  64.52% of  rural Cove citizens voted NO.

This does not go into effect until Dec. 24th.

There is not another city council meeting scheduled, but you could request one.

Mayor: Lyndon Rose
Cove City Office: 541 568-4566
City Council members:  Bob Rhinevault
Nate Conrad
Vickie Hagey
Doug Kruse
Regina Kruse

I am writing this as a citizen of the Cove community, a mom, and one who cares about the future of our city, state, and country.  I will help in way I can to change this.

I need each of you who are opposed to contact the City of Cove and request a meeting and vote before 12/24. Please share with everyone you know.

Thank you,
Chris Barreto
PCP -Union County 07
541 910-5247

Public meeting notice – Important


Notice to Baker County residents and other interested parties –

The Baker County Commission will be having it’s 3rd (as we remember) coordination meeting with the Wallowa Whitman National Forest, on planning efforts going on within the boundaries of Baker County.

The meeting will be Dec. 16th starting at 10:30 am at the county courthouse.

While this is meeting is not a meeting for the general public to speak at, we would strongly encourage you to attend the meeting and show support for the efforts of the Baker County commission to support open motorized access and natural resources use from our public lands.

Also there are additional meetings that will be held throughout Eastern Oregon listed below, these are meetings for the public to speak at.

We would ask that you and your family speak to the fact of how restriction of open motorized access to public lands will negatively impact your family and that your desired condition for the Wallowa Whitman and Malheur National Forest to remain fully open to motorized access.

Please click on image below to see schedule.

additional meetings

Please attend if you can.

Contest: Make Fun of Hillary Clinton to Save Free Speech

Alex Jones is of course correct on this issue. One has to admire the passion.

Deadline Extended for OAR 165-005-0170

The deadline has been extended to Oct 23rd, 2015.

We have an opportunity to comment on the “Motor Voter” rules.  Please consider adding your comments and testimony, this could impact all future elections.

From: Summer S. Davis

The Elections Division is extending the deadline for comments on proposed OAR 165-005-0170 (Draft Oregon Motor Voter Registration Manual) to October 23, 2015.

Our office has received extensive comments and suggestions about the contents of the mailer that will go out to potential registrants under the Oregon Motor Voter (OMV) program. Attached please find a draft of the OMV Mailer and Letter. The Elections Division is especially interested in feedback on the attached draft documents. All comments received to date will also be considered.

Written comments can be delivered as follows:

emailed: [email protected]

faxed: 503-373-7414

delivered or mailed: 255 Capitol Street NE, Suite 501, Salem, OR  97310


To be considered, comments must be received by 5:00 PM on October 23, 2015. For more information, go to


If you would like to be removed from the Elections Division administrative rules interested parties list, please respond to this email.




Summer S. Davis

Initiative, Referendum, Referral Specialist

Oregon Secretary of State, Elections Division

255 Capitol Street NE Ste 501

Salem OR  97310


Moms Like Me

Motor Voter Public Input Meeting

From  Sandy Raddue, ORP Election Integrity chair:

I’ve been in this position about 3 years now, and we’ve seen some really questionable changes in our election laws during that time in Salem!

The new Automatic Voter Registration law, AKA Motor Voter, is going to take effect in Oregon in Jan. 2016. The Secretary of State is seeking review and comment on the DRAFT OMV Administrative Rule manual. We have an opportunity over the next 3 weeks to impact this implementation.

I’m hoping you’ll be able to either attend one of the meetings across the state, or submit written testimony to the State Elections Dept.

… There are 3 areas of greatest concern. Those are:

  1. The Elections office has decided to include electronic updating of voter registration information for those who already have a drivers license or ID card – this was NOT in the original scope of the bill.
  1. 17 year old registered “pre-voters” will have contact information made public. I recently found out that this is CURRENTLY the policy (!!!) – this seems like a great time to fix this part of the voter registration law, since Oregoninas were assured assured that minor’s information WOULD BE PROTECTED from being made public. They need to hear from us about this.
  1. Many Oregonians expressed concern over data security, especially based on the history of Oregon and their poor record of handling secure data.

This is NOT adequately addressed in this manual, and in fact, the 2014 task force put together to review DMV Customer Service made specific, URGENT recommendations for updating the DMV computer system, which was originally implemented 40 years ago!

Meeting times can be found at

Rally in PDX

Today, starting at noon, at the Beaverton Planned Parenthood (and in 65 cities across the US), pro-lifers will be gathering to protest Planned Parenthood and demand the defunding of the nation’s largest abortion provider. Students for Life of America is the national organizer of the event and we are proud to co-sponsor the Portland rally. View the Facebook event page here for more details.

If you cannot attend the rally, please send Governor Kate Brown an email asking her to investigate Planned Parenthood in Oregon. The abortion industry has zero regulations in Oregon (one does not even have to be a licensed medical doctor to perform abortions). If the abortion industry truly cares for women’s safety, they will not oppose regulations that are accepted by any healthcare provider, like cleanliness standards, admitting privileges and outside oversight.

Send Gov. Brown your letter today.

See you in Beaverton in 2 hours!

P.S. We have a new feature on our YouTube channel, a weekly pro-life roundup. We take the top story of the week as well as tell you how to answer one hard abortion rights argument. Check our first two out! #PPSellsBabyParts HERE and the rape exception HERE.

Union County Fair Sign-up

To sign up for the 2015 Fair Booth, please click here:
VolunteerSpot Post Office 
Union County Fair Booth 2015 – Your invitations have been sent (Save this message)!This is an online signup sheet and you can see who has signed and what time slots are still available.
The fair is only 2 weeks away!

Please use this to volunteer to help at the fair.


OCL: Gun Background Checks



Oregon Citizens Lobby

Senate Judiciary Committee
Public Hearing Scheduled.

Wednesday April 1st at 8:00AM room HR50
Meeting Details April 1, 2015 8:00 a.m. HR50
Those that can, please attend and give your testimony for the record and or Email materials  to: [email protected] and copy your Senator!
Work Session scheduled.  details 4/2/2015 8:00 AM, HR 50

 NO on SB941 requires background check at dealer for all private firearm sales
Posted HERESB941 will require a background check in person at gun dealer for all private firearm sales and transfers except at gun shows where the seller may still do the background check directly with OSP by phone.  Allows limited exceptions for family members and short term transfers for firearm instruction, hunting, target shooting and to prohibit imminent threat of serious injury or death.

Personal Choice

SB941 interferes with and makes much more difficult, the sale of goods between private citizens in a way no other legally possessed goods are regulated.  The claimed intent is ‘for the public good’ i.e., safety, but the stats on states which have done this do not show that this increases public safety, as is supported by the experience and statements of most law enforcement officers and organizations including the 36 members of the Oregon State Sheriffs Association who opposed SB 1551 in 2014 and the 4500 members of Washington State’s WaCOPS who opposed Measure I-594 there also in 2014.

Oregon is one of only a few states which requires background checks by private parties at gun shows, as a result of a law passed in 2000.  There has been no evidence put forward that this has decreased crime rates in Oregon.  This evidence should be required before expanding this requirement to all private sales.

Limited Government

SB941 creates a registry, which is forbidden by Federal law.  When a background check is run via the FBI’s NICS, the records of allowed sales are to be destroyed prior to the next business day.  However, in Oregon, background checks are run by Oregon State Police who are allowed to keep the sales records for ‘up to five years,’ but there has been no confirmation that the records are ever permanently deleted.  Therefore the state government will amass a listing of all firearms held by all citizens in Oregon.  This is forbidden in Federal law because experience has shown that any government that amasses such a list always uses it later to facilitate firearms confiscation.

Check out the OCL website.
Their are training and volunteer opportunities, events and the War Room schedule.
You can Volunteer to:
1. Analyze or Advise on bills for Track Their Vote website and scoring legislators.
2. Call and email legislators on posted bills.
3. Testify and write testimony on bills at committees.
4. Participate the War Room efforts.
5. Join the Twitter Brigade @ORcitizen #orocl
6. Sign up for TEXT

Mission of the Oregon Citizens Lobby

Our mission is to help empower Oregonians by monitoring the legislative process in this state. We analyze bills and track them throughout their life cycle. We also track the actions of state representatives and senators as they work through and vote on these bills. The bills and legislators receive a grade based upon the 5 core principles of OCL. If a politician votes in a manner that violates one or more of these principles it is up to them to explain why they did so. We leave the politics to the politicians.The result of our work is posted atTrack Their Vote for the public to review.

Our hope is that this information will help citizens better understand proposed legislation which will in turn allow them to give relevant testimony on bills, lobby their legislators, and hold these politicians accountable for their actions.

Five Core Principles

Fiscal Responsibility
Government should have a limited budget that reflects the vitality of the state’s economy.
Local Control
Governmental power and functions should be as close to the citizens as possible for maximum oversight, control, and responsiveness.
Free Markets
Production and prices should be dictated by the laws of supply and demand without the interference of government in the way of subsidies, price controls, or over-burdensome regulation.
Limited Government
Our government should be charged with administering only those functions essential to society and that cannot be performed by private entities.
Personal Choice and Responsibility
Citizens must be free to pursue life, liberty, and property without undue government interference and to reap the rewards or bear the consequences of their decisions.

Oregon Citizens lobby

[email protected]

Action Alert: BOLI HB2386 VOTE UPDATE


Republican Rapid Response Action Alert

HB 2386-9 Engrossed

FLOOR VOTE on HOUSE side of the Legislature 3/24/2015What is in this bill?
Currently, wage & hour disputes between empolyees and employers are handled with the involvement of the Circuit Court having jurisdiction. The Bureau of Labor and Industries ( BOLI) brings the complaint to the court.

HB 2386 expands the authority of the BOLI Commissioner to issue cease and desist orders on a business, potentially closing it’s doors AND the business would have no right or method to appeal the decision until after BOLI completed it’s investigation and issued it’s final order.
That final order may not be available for an entire year.

Another expansion of authority would be for BOLI to set the dollar amount for a “bond” to be paid by the employer within 10 days. The bill has NO limit on the amount of the bond and if the business thinks it’s excessive, guess who is 100% responsible to prove it. Not BOLI.
“Pay up or we shut you down Mr. Employer”.

Current Situation

The House Committee on Business and Labor “DO PASS” recommendation was a straight party line vote .  No Republican House member voted for this bill.

HB2386-9 is heading for a FLOOR VOTE on HOUSE side of the Legislature on Tuesday 3/24/2015
ACTION you can take now.          Deadline: Monday 3/23/2015 Email and Call Your Representative, no matter what their party may be.
You could use any of these points to support your opposition to HB 2386:

  • The substitution of the commissioner for the court grants an executive branch agency judicial authority.  If BOLI is already fulfilling the roles of investigation and prosecutor in any dispute, how is it fair to the employee and the employer if BOLI also serves as the judge?


  • If BOLI establishes a requirement for a bond that is excessive, the employer assumes 100% of the responsibility to prove that the amount is excessive. That is contrary to the principle of innocent until proven guilty.


  • BOLI “may commence an action in the circuit court”, which is great for BOLI, but the employers seems to be left at the mercy of an agency.  BOLI may take up to a year to issue it’s final orders, and by then the business may no longer exist.
  • Our American system of justice is based on fairness to all parties and the role of our courts is

how we achieve that in our society.
Find your Representative on the Oregon Legislature website

If you know your House District number already:
Your Representative’s phone number is: (503) 986 – 14 XX     XX is your District number.


  • In your County e-mail news blasts.
  • On your County Party facebook pages, twitter feeds and other social media tools.
  • With friends and colleagues in business organizations like Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations.
  • With friends and family members who need to be aware of what is going on in Salem.

Join Us

The Oregon Republican Party invites you to join our efforts to support or oppose legislative action that is important to you and your family. We care about your concerns and are taking action to help solve problems. We are here for ALL Oregonians and hope that if you agree with our approaches to solving problems, that you would register as a Republican and support Republican candidates who share your values.

Oregon Republican Party                   on Facebook         Your County Republican Party

Thank you for your help and doing what we know is fair and right. We’re in this together.

19 March 2014 07:35:15 AM
[email protected]

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Action Alert: BOLI looks to circumvent court process


ALERT! HB 2386 has a final work session this Wednesday the 18th at 8am.

We need letters and phone calls to members of the Business and Labor Committee ASAP!! That is unless you want BOLI to shut down businesses without due process.

This bill gives the Labor Commissioner the authority to circumvent the processes already in place that protect businesses from false accusations. HB 2386 will create a pure anti-business climate that will make any accused business automatically guilty until proven innocent.

Labor Commissioner Avakian is asking for ultimate authority for himself.

Assert your opinion and make your voice heard! Tell the House B&L Committee members NO ON HB2386!

Please share with every business you know and encourage them to call:
Chair Holvey 503 986-1408 ; Rep Barton 503 986-1440;
Rep Doherty 503 986-1435 ; Rep Evans 503 986-1420 ; Rep Fagan 503 986-1451
Rep Nosse 503 986-1442

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