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Celebrate America

College Republicans Annual Newsletter 2015






Greek Dinner

Greek Dinner

Union County Banquet – Major General Curry Ret.



Join the Union County Republicans for a special evening with

  Major General Jerry Curry Ret.

May 2nd , 2015  5pm
Grace Bible Church- 1114 Y Ave., La Grande, OR

For more details and registration see the attachment

This is the major fundraising event for the Union County Republicans for 2015.

Dinner, guest speaker, auction and great fellowship with
like minded friends!

2016 is coming!


College Republican’s Second Amendment Week


Second Amendment Week 2015

The 10th Annual Oregon State University College Republican’s Second Amendment Week is in the works. To help celebrate the Second Amendment the Oregon State College Republicans put on a week of events for the students and community members of Oregon State. The week starts out will fun and educational events for students and community members and culminates with the live showing of the Lars Larson Show and our firearm drawing. This event is always a huge success and generates a lot of excitement for people from around the State.

Left lawyers go after ObamaCare victim

We all thought the ObamaCare debacle couldn’t get more shameful.

We were wrong.

Liberals are actually sending their legal attack dogs to try muzzling innocent victims of the law– all so they can hide their complicity in voting for ObamaCare.

Sign the petition and tell them they’re wrong! Then read on for the unbelievable story.

This week, we began running a television ad statewide in Michigan telling the story of Julie Boonstra, a mother of two children engaged in a life or death struggle with leukemia who had her insurance cancelled because of ObamaCare. (Click here to see Julie’s ad)
At the moment when Julie and her family should have been focused on beating this disease, she instead found herself desperately trying to find coverage on the failed ObamaCare website and making calls to a government 800 telephone line.

Julie faced a life-threatening lapse in coverage because of ObamaCare. Under Julie’s new plan, her monthly out-of-pocket expenses are extremely unpredictable and it’s still not clear what medicines are covered.

Rep. Gary Peters, a Michigan congressman, helped put Julie in this position. He jeopardized her health with his vote. Did he apologize? Or, promise to repeal the law?

Hardly. Congressman Peters responded with a threatening cease-and-desist letter from his legal goon squad! Unbelievable.

Even for a liberal member of Congress, Gary Peters has stooped too low this time. We need signatures from all over the country to let the Left know we won’t tolerate them going after sick folks who were told falsehoods by the President and harmed by ObamaCare. They’ve been through enough.

Thanks as always for your help with this. Together, we can let the Left know they won’t get away with these tactics going forward.

Don’t forget to click here to add your name to the petition.

Keep up the fight,
Tim Phillips sig
Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Still upset? You can reach Congressman Peters’ Detroit office at (313) 964-9960.

It took courage for Julie to stand up and tell her very personal story in a television ad. Now we’ve got to stand with this brave mother of two precious children when the Left is working to silence her in order to protect the politicians who brought up ObamaCare.

Your support will help us continue the fight for Julie and others harmed by ObamaCare. Please donate $5, $10, or $15 today!


Union County Republicans

A very successful fund-raising dinner was held on October 12. It was hosted by Greg and Chris Barreto of Cove, Oregon. Greg is the Chairman of the Union County Republican Central Committee (UCRCC) and Chris is the Secretary for the Oregon Republican Committee (ORP). Around 200 people were in attendance and it was standing room only for some. Candidates came from around the state to speak. Afterwards, several fund raising auctions were held. Each speaker was given “7 minutes” to introduce themselves and their candidacy.

Jo Rae Perkins, running for US Senate against Jeff Merkley

Jo Rae PerkinsShe introduced herself by speaking of her family and background as a financial planner.
Jo Rae is serious about the constitution and what the oath of office means.
Will stand for conservative principles without fear.

See and also



Jason Conger, running for US Senate against Jeff Merkley

Jason CongerA current State Representative, Jason talked of his background of poverty, including homelessness, and how he rose to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School. He wants that ability for everyone, to be able rise up and improve their life, but fears we are losing that part of America. He encouraged the audience to do that “little bit” extra, saying we can make the difference, and recalling recent very close elections in Oregon for the Senate and Governorship


Monica Wehby, running for US Senate against Jeff Merkley

wehbyMonica is originally from Tennessee and is a pediatric surgeon by profession. She wants the rising generation to have more opportunity and is worried we are going in the wrong direction. Regarding debt, health care, and jobs, she  “can’t stand” what is happening to our country and wants to bring back the American Dream.




Brent Combe(?), speaking for Greg Walden, US Congressman, who was in Washington and unable to attend

GregWaldenGreg Walden regularly visits 20 counties and works with issues important to to Union County. Greg was able to get the Forest Service to back off of their road closure plan.

See video regarding the forest plan



Dennis Linthicum, potential candidate for US Congress

linthicumDennis is exploring a run for Greg Waldens seat, believing that change is good. He has served as a Klamath county commissioner and is a small business owner and spoke on the freedom principles of the constitution. Dennis quoted from the Declaration of Independence and the need to get government back to constitutional boundaries and said this would result in greater prosperity.




John Justeson, running for Governor of Oregon

John JustesonJohn Justeson, a rancher, is working to provide “reality-based leadership” to the state. He says it is “time to try something new” to bring more jobs and “bridge the urban – rural divide”. John quoted Ronald Reagon, saying that we need to win people over that don’t agree with us. He spoke of leadership by action, not by position.



Dennis Richardson, running for Governor of Oregon

DennisRichardsonDennis Richardson, formerly an Attorney and now an Oregon State Representive (4th District) spoke of how Oregon was once a land of opportunity and how we are losing that in Oregon, saying we once had 110% of average national income per capita and now it is only 90%. He quoted other similar statistics, saying we are on the wrong path in Oregon. Dennis is especially concerned that 1/3 of High School students do not graduate in Oregon. Dennis wants to open natural resources, lower taxes, and “take back the state”.


Mark Callahan, running for US Senate against Jeff Merkley

MarkCallahanMark describes himself as an average American that loves his country. He is a fiscal and constitutional conservative who wants to keep our freedoms secure. He is concerned about career politicians who compromise on critical issues and wants to put an end to government encroachment in our lives.





Wow! Look who’s coming to dinner on Oct 12th

We have had tremendous response from candidates for our Oct. 12th
                 “Meet the Candidate Dinner

These are the Candidates and special guests who have confirmed coming:

Candidates for Governor:    Jon Justesen
                                        Dennis Richardson

Candidates for US Senate:  Mark Callahan
                                         Sam Carpenter
                                         Jo Rae Perkins

Potential candidate:       Representative Jason Conger

Potential candidate for US Congress:  Dennis Linthicum

Candidate for Oregon HD 58:  Bob Jenson

County Commissioners:  Steve McClure
                                     Bill Rosholt

Specials guests: a representative from Rep. Greg Walden’s office and Joe Burns of Common Sense for Oregon.

Invited but not confirmed: Monica Wehby-potential candidate for US Senate.

Please join us in supporting all these great people who are coming to Union County!
Register here, ASAP as we’d like to give the caterers an accurate number. 
(But we won’t turn anyone away at the door!)

See you on the Oct 12th!

Greg Barreto- Chair
Union County Republicans


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You are receiving this because you are an active Republican and you love your country!
Our mailing address is:


62819 Lower Cove Rd

Cove, OR 97824

Add us to your address book




Top 4 worst Democrats:

There’s no short supply of liberal Democrats in Washington.

They may be trying to convince voters these days that they’ve got new ideas, but don’t be fooled: the Democratic Party is still run by the same old, tired faces.

So which Democrat would you MOST like to see leave Washington?

Take a look and click on one below to vote (it may be a hard decision, but you can only pick one!)

1. President Barack Obama has been running things in the White House since 2009, but doesn’t have much to show for it except a broken economy, record debt, and staggering unemployment – and ObamaCare.

 Worst Democrat: Barack Obama

2. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been the Democrat standard-bearer in Congress for a decade. Remember when she was Speaker of the House? We’re sure you’ll agree with us that we can’t allow that to happen again.

 Worst Democrat: Nancy Pelosi

3. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been the Democrats’ leader in the Senate since 2005. He likes to not do anything in the Senate.

 Worst Democrat: Harry Reid

4. Hillary Clinton ran for president once, but she’s never left the public stage. Despite lingering questions about the Benghazi attacks, Democrats hope she runs for President again.

 Worst Democrat: Hillary Clinton

Remember, the number one goal of the Republican House Majority is preventing these Democrats from raising your taxes, writing more regulations, implementing ObamaCare and spending money we don’t have.

By donating to the NRCC today, you’ll help us preserve that majority and stop these Democrats from enacting their agenda.

Thank you! Have a great day,


Danielle Varallo
Digital & Press Coordinator
National Republican Congressional Committee


Contributions to the National Republican Congressional Committee are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

National Republican Congressional Committee
320 First Street  | Washington, DC 20003  | (202) 479-7000

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Governors Emergency declaration to increase taxes and call in National Guard

June 2013
HB3453 provides government leaders with authority to declare a public fiscal public safety emergency which would in turn invest those leaders to consolidate counties, assume services, and impose a geographic income tax.

HB 3453 seeks to impose an income tax on targeted citizens without approval of the legislature. It provides vast authority to the governor and the leaders of the house and senate. 

The issue of funding public services at the local level is an issue of local voter decision vis-a-vis local tax levies. The matter can only arise if and when the voters veto such a tax. It is a matter of “if you won’t vote for a tax, the governor will impose one.” Local voters should be able to decide the level of public safety services they are willing to pay for. 
The counties at issue are in their fiscal pickle because state and local governments will not challenge the feds refusal to obey the 1937 O&C law.  This is the Elephant in the room: Spotted Owl, a species that is going extent naturally as populations have been in decline, despite removing more Timber land. Dr. Meslow “It’s not about the owl; it’s about the habitat!” Hmmmmmm Hoodwinked!
To compound their problem, the state has imposed arbitrary and irrational comprehensive land use regulation which has served to frustrate economic development on the privately owned land.
Would Governor Kitzhaber as stated on four occasions during his testimony that he would be willing to send the National Guard to a county that he declares under a public safety emergency?


Contact the House Committee On Rules to include your testimony as public record in opposition of HB3453.
Public Hearing was held June 6th
House Committee On Rules  View testimony 

Meeting Details 6/3/2013 3:00 PM, HR F
(copy and paste the email address below into your address line to send an email to all at once…it works) and copy to your legislators! Not sure who your Legislators are? Click here to find out.
“Rep Chris Garrett <[email protected]>, Rep Val Hoyle <[email protected]>, Rep Wally Hicks <[email protected]>, Rep Bill Kennemer <[email protected]>, Rep Bob Jenson <[email protected]>, Rep Paul Holvey <[email protected]>, Rep Phil Barnhart <[email protected]>, Rep Vicki Berger <[email protected]>, Rep Michael Dembrow <[email protected]>, [email protected]

Chair Representative Chris Garrett
Vice-Chair Representative Wally Hicks
Vice-Chair Representative Val Hoyle
Member Representative Bob Jenson
Member Representative Bill Kennemer
Member Representative Paul Holvey
Member Representative Phil Barnhart
Member Representative Vicki Berger
Member Representative Michael Dembrow


In This Issue

• Legislative Alert! HB3453
•Governor could declare “Emergency-raise taxes and call in National Guard”


Check out our website: UCRCC.ORG

Keep Up With Us

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541 568-4647
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NRA on the Feinstein Gun Grab


image001One of Barack Obama’s top gun ban extremists in the Senate – Dianne Feinstein – introduced a bill yesterday that’s part of the Obama agenda to strip you of your Second Amendment rights.

Feinstein’s sweeping new gun ban would:

— BAN tens of millions of commonly owned rifles, shotguns and handguns;

— BAN all magazines capable of holding just 10 rounds or more; and

— PUT YOU IN PRISON if you pass down or sell any banned firearm to family or friends without going through government red tape.

According to Feinstein, this gun ban would NEVER expire. 

It would cause massive damage to the Second Amendment…and our freedom would NEVER fully recover if it passes.

That’s why I’m urging you right now to send an emergency contribution to NRA-ILA. If you can give $10 – that is a great help. If you can give $50, $100 or more – I would be extremely grateful for your generosity and your leadership.

NRA-ILA is going to need every generous dollar from every gun-owning patriot like you if we’re going to have the strength to beat back this vicious and unconstitutional attack on our Second Amendment rights.

You should have seen Feinstein gloating at yesterday’s press conference about how she had no problem taking NRA members head on.

You should have heard it when she had the AUDACITY to say that God was on her side in this unholy crusade to strip you of your fundamental and sacred Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

We need to show Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama, and every one of their gun ban pals on Capitol Hill that when they come for our guns…when they brand us as criminals…when they take aim at the heart of our freedom…

WE WILL FIGHT BACK! And I’m counting on you, right now, to help me and NRA-ILA lead this once-in-a-lifetime fight!

NRA-ILA is the only gun rights organization with an office just steps from Capitol Hill…working around the clock to defeat gun bans like this in Congress. We’re the only group with a nationwide grassroots army capable of crushing Feinstein’s bill and saving our firearm freedoms. 

But NRA-ILA cannot fight a battle this big without you and that’s why I need your help now. So please, whatever you can give to support NRA-ILA, I urge you to do it quickly.

If we lose this one, we lose EVERYTHING.

Thank you for your loyalty to the cause of freedom. Together, we will save the Second Amendment from this brutal attack.

In Freedom,


Chris W. Cox
Executive Director


P.S. Please forward this to your friends and family members and recruit them in this fight as well! This is an all-out call to arms to save the Second Amendment, and we need every freedom-loving patriot on board with NRA-ILA today! Thank you!



Help NRA-ILA stop the Feinstein Gun Grab!


National Rifle Association – Institute for Legislative Action * 11250 Waples Mill Road * Fairfax, VA 22030


Calls needed TODAY!

Obama-Reid ‘Nuclear Option’ to Pass ‘Gun-Control’

Dear Supporter:

Obama is wasting no time in his illegal ‘gun control’ crusade to eliminate and confiscate against our Second Amendment.

In the next 24 – 36 hours, it could be ‘game-over’ for our gun rights in the Senate.

Obama’s bagman in the U.S. Senate – Democrat Harry Reid has threatened to ram-through a rules-changing vote to eliminate the ‘filibuster’.

Reid vows to force his game-changing rules vote onto the Senate floor as early as tomorrow.

Away from the TV cameras, Reid calls it his ‘Nuclear Option’.

Instead of needing a 60-vote super-majority to end a filibuster — or to stop debate on a bill forcing an ‘up-or-down’ vote on passage of legislation – Harry Reid will only need 51-votes for absolute control over the Senate.

Reid’s so-called ‘Nuclear Option’ is intended to do one thing – crush Senate Republican opposition to Obama’s Second Term agenda.

Without the 60-vote requirement, Senate Republicans are virtually powerless to stop Obama and the Democrats. 

Speaker John Boehner and the GOP House would truly be the last line of defense.

And what is Obama-Reid’s first power grab to ram-through the Senate?  You guessed it — Obama’s first step to confiscation – liberal Sen. Diane Feinstein’s gun ban.

At best, we have 24 – 36 hours to stop Harry Reid’s ‘Nuclear Option’ — leaving our Second Amendment rights defenseless in the Senate.

It is urgent for you to contact your U.S. Senators today, especially if they’re Democrats!

Tell your Senators to vote ‘No’ on Harry Reid’s ‘Nuclear Option’ to change the rules of the Senate.

Call the U.S. Senate Switchboard and ask to be transferred to your U.S. Senator.

Here is the phone number: (202) 224-3121.

Now light’em up!  If you can’t get through, keep trying.  Obama’s ‘gun-control’ zealots sure will.

Because even if you’re not a gun owner, you know in your heart Obama won’t stop there.

The fact is there’s no government takeover or naked power grab that’ll satiate Obama’s voracious appetite for absolute power over every facet of American life.

It’s important for us to quickly spread the word.

Please forward this email to every freedom-loving American you know. Black

Ordinary Americans must stand up and oppose this abusive power grab – and every Obama power grab – with everything we’ve got.

This is not just about ‘guns’.  It’s about protecting every single American freedom we love and cherish from a nightmarish Obama Second Term.

Revive America USA will continue to fight all of Obama’s power grabs.  Go Here Now to Help

Help us to keep sounding the alarm with phone calls to Congress, email, faxes, and to keep running our highly-effective online advertising.  Please make a generous contribution $10, $25, $50, $100, or any amount whatsoever. 

I know not everyone can donate.  But you can call your U.S. Senators at (202) 224-3121.  Tell the operator to transfer you to your Senator.

Thank you for allowing us to keep you informed.

Revive America USA will continuously monitor and inform you of breaking developments on Capitol Hill.

Yours for America,

Bob Adams

P.S. – In the next 24 – 36 hours, Harry Reid threatens to launch his ‘Nuclear Option’.  With Senate rule changes — Reid vows to crush Senate Republican opposition to Obama’s radical Second Term agenda – so he can pass any bill he choses.  First on the docket is liberal Sen. Diane Feinstein’s gun ban.  Help Us Stop Them

P.P.S. – If you can, please help Revive America USA to continue its work by going here now.

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You are receiving this because you are an active Republican and you love your country!
Our mailing address is:


62819 Lower Cove Rd

Cove, OR 97824

Are you still in?

For generations, presidents have used inaugural addresses to unite the nation.  But yesterday, President Obama chose to deliver a harshly ideological, aggressively partisan speech more appropriate for the campaign trail than the solemn occasion of our nation’s 57th inaugural address.  Obama’s speech read like a liberal laundry list with global warming and more spending at the top.

You and I have only one good choice — stand and fight this President’s big government agenda while holding Republicans accountable to their promises.

You share my disappointment over the events of 2012, but you are not a quitter.   You have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our movement and Americans for Prosperity over the past few years – even when the odds have been against us.

Together you and I, along with our allies, beat cap-and-trade, stopped card check and fought a long battle against ObamaCare ultimately losing in Congress but winning decisvely with the American people and leading to dramatic change in November of 2010.  At the state level, we had Governor Scott Walker’s back in Wisconsin on his historic budget reforms and just this past December our staff and activists in Michigan helped push through Right to Work legislation in Michigan.

You’ve petitioned Congress and the President, rallied at state capitols and local town squares, knocked on doors, made the phone calls, posted our message on your Facebook and email accounts and put your good name on the line for the cause of freedom and prosperity.  It hasn’t been easy.  There have been tough setbacks.  But, we’ve also made a big difference.

Now,  we face a renewed battle.  Yesterday, the President laid out his agenda in stark terms:  more spending on the same failing big government programs and another push for his global warming agenda to drive up energy prices and take away more of our freedoms in their name of their ideology.

No issue is a bigger threat to our economic prosperity than government overspending.  In coming weeks we possess three crucial opportunities to make our voice heard when it comes to reining in government overspending.

You’ve heard the term “sequestration.”  Well, here’s what it means — the President and Congress promised spending cuts as part of the last debt limit deal in 2011.  They’re still $85 million short of the promised cuts and the deadline for making them is March 1.  It looks like the President and some members of Congress from both parties are attempting to edge away from these small cuts which are less than one half of one percent of the federal budget!  We must make sure that at least these small cuts are made on time and in full.

On March 27, the continuing resolution which funds the federal budget for the current year is set to run out.  It’s been almost four years since Senate Democrats even passed a budget and so these stop gap measures are in effect.  We must use the continuing resolution to force significant spending cuts from Congress and the President.

It won’t be easy.  The President will threaten a “government shut down” saying that we’re trying to “hold the American people hostage” by simply demanding spending cuts at a time when the federal government is running a $1 trillion plus deficit.  Some Republicans will want to cut a deal that makes phantom spending cuts in order to avoid the Left’s threat.  Our challenge will be threefold:  1) blunt the President’s message with the American people by pointing out how Obama’s disastrous government overspending is stopping job growth and hampering economic prosperity for our citizens;  2) hold Republicans in the House especially accountable to their promises to us to cut spending and get our nation back on track; and 3) go into priority congressional and senate districts held by Democrats to deliver our message that they need to put party and ideology aside and do what’s right for our nation’s prosperity by finally cutting spending.

On the debt limit increase front, AFP will continue to oppose raising the debt limit without a verifiable, enforceable plan to balance the budget without tax increases.  While governmnet overspending is the top problem we face, longterm debt is the most dangerous symptom of this problem.

Some have asked, “With the problems so and the odds stacked against us how can we truly make a difference?”

These three issues coming up in the next 6 weeks offer us exactly the kind of clear choice we need between taking initial steps to stop government overspending right now or continue down the same old tired path toward decline and bankruptcy.

We know how to defeat bad bills.  We’ve proven it in the past.  Remember the cap and trade and card check I mentioned earlier?  Those wins were not an accident but instead the result of going into the trenches and fighting even when on the surface it seemed difficult to see clear a path to victory.

But to do so, I need to be sure you are still on our team.

I hate to be so blunt, but we really need to know if you’re standing with us in our all-hands-on-deck effort for 2013.

To win, it will take more than just the 2.2 million grass roots folks we’ve identified, motivated, trained and organized.

It will also take the funding to run our ground game.  Funds for telephones, offices, mailings, and yes, especially our on-line efforts.   Our website is one of the most relied on political resources on our side.

It is the best way to go over and above the heads of the Left-leaning “mainstream” media directly to folks like you and all the rest.

The 2013 budget for support of our email, website maintenance and other online activities is $1.2 million.  That’s $100,000 per month.  Just $25,000 per week.

I know that sounds like a lot of money.  Believe me IT IS.  And, I’m responsible for raising a lot of it!

If you already renewed your support for AFP as a 2013 Freedom Fighter, thank you.

If not, please click here to maintain your active status and help me raise the funds necessary to run a vibrant and powerful online operation.

With your donation of $10 or more today—and I’ll send your 2013 AFP ID card and a window sticker identifying you as a Freedom Fighter.  Of course, if you can send $25, $50, $100 – or even $100,000 to fund January’s online budget – that would be much appreciated.  Every contribution counts!

Your renewal couldn’t come soon enough.

It’s easy to forget, with everything that happened last year, that this fight isn’t about one political party or about one president—it’s about the future of our nation.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about my four kids. And I’m sure you thought the same things about your kids and grandkids.  Coming of age in the 1980s with Ronald Reagan my parents knew that my opportunities were limited only by my imagination, talents and work ethic.  Today, our kids and grandkids dreams are in danger of being limited by a massive government whose spending chokes off dreams and nullifies work ethic.

That’s why I’m completely committed to going all out in 2013.

With you standing with AFP once again, you can make the critical difference at the time when we need it most. Time and time again, you and other AFP activists have led the fight in re-energizing our side, and winning policy battles not just in Washington but in state houses and city halls nationwide.

It’s time to do it once again.

Thank you so much for your help.


Tim Phillips, President
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Have you renewed your 2013 support for AFP? Click here to make your donation of $10 or more—and receive your 2013 AFP Freedom Fighter ID card and an AFP window decal.

Americans for Prosperity® (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFP educates and engages citizens in support of restraining state and federal government growth, and returning government to its constitutional limits. AFP has more than 2,000,000 members, including members in all 50 states, and 34 state chapters and affiliates. More than 95,000 Americans in all 50 states have made a financial investment in AFP or AFP Foundation. For more information, visit

Victory in Sight


With just two weeks until the election, the American people have a clear choice.

America deserves better than the last four years. That’s why I need you in my corner now more than ever.

Together, we will restore the country we love.

Victory is in sight — contribute now to help me defeat Barack Obama.

Thank you,

Mitt Romney

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Please Join Me Oct 19th


 3 Days Until October 19th at Langdon Farms

Click here to Register Now

Friends,We have a few spots left at the Chairman’s Dinner and one is waiting for you!  Click here to Register Now.  Our candidates need your support!

We have a large donor who has agreed to match everything we raise at the Chairman’s Dinner!  So if you buy a table, a ticket or make a donation, your dollars will be matched 1:1.  If we raise $50,000, we get a match of $50,000 to fund our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts here in Oregon.

Help turn Oregon RED!

2nd Annual




The Red Shed

24377 NE Airport Road – Aurora, Oregon

(Oregon’s Ballot Drop Day)


If you didn’t see the second Presidential debate, click here to attend the dinner and then click here to see debate highlights.


The Red Shed

24377 NE Airport Road – Aurora, Oregon

Casual Attire

RSVP by October 18th


or contact

Jaymie Collette: 503-595-8881 [email protected]

Ticket price $125 per person

$50 for participants 35 and under

Brought to you by:

The ORP Chairman’s Board

Knute Buehler
Manuel Castaneda
Carl Christoferson
Frank Gill
Dan Harmon

Jim Huffman

Valerie Johnson
Andrew Miller
Rick Miller
Dr. William Pierce

– and –
Republican Party Chair

Allen Alley

All proceeds raised will support the Oregon Republican Party.

You determine the outcome – Leave it all on the field

Friend,We have just 37 days left until November 6. Every single day has to count. Tonight is an important fundraising deadline, so donate $25 or more by midnight to help Paul and me win on November 6. You can help determine this election by taking action right now.

Donate $15 or more to make sure we have what it takes to defeat Barack Obama.

Thanks for standing with me.

Mitt Romney


We are approaching our most important fundraising deadline yet at midnight on Sunday.

With roughly a month left until Election Day, every dollar is critical to helping Mitt and Paul, and conservatives across the country secure a victory.

Your donation will help us continue to close the Obama machine’s fundraising advantage. We’ve already reduced that advantage from $100 million to $37 million.

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve built a record-breaking ground operation. Indeed, a nationwide network of 73,000 hardworking volunteers has helped us reach 26 million voters and identify over 2 million swing voters.

That means we’ve made 6 times more phone calls and knocked on 16 times more doors than we did during the entire 2008 campaign. That’s pretty incredible.

Your donation bolsters our pivotal ground game, which is essential for a win. It will also help us ramp up our Absentee Ballot and Early Vote Turnout programs and support our Election Day efforts overall.

We know that times are tough, and we understand the value of every dollar you donate. We know that a $5 donation is the cost of a burger, a $25 donation is the cost of a shirt, a $50 donation is the cost of a restaurant meal, and a $100 donation is the cost of a grocery trip.

These are sacrifices you’re willing to make in order to invest in your children’s and our country’s future. And we can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are.

This is the most important election of our lifetime, and this is your opportunity to make a difference. Let’s leave it all on the field.

We can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama. With your help, we can ensure that Mitt, Paul, and the entire Republican team deliver a winning season — and a real recovery — donate today.


Rich Beeson
Political Director
Romney for President, Inc.

P.S. — Donate $3 today and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to experience debate night with the campaign.

Romney/Ryans signs are here!! Mailing address correction

Address correction for Lanny!

Donations would be appreciated.
We’ve used the money raised this spring to buy the signs
but we’d like to do advertising and billboards to help
win this election
If you can help, please send a check to;
c/o Lanny Hildebrandt
1615 4th St
La Grande, OR  97850

Thanks to you who have already donated!!

Any amount would be appreciated.
Our cost on the signs were $62 for a field sign, and $3.95 for the yard signs.

Copyright © 2012 UCRCC, All rights reserved.
Republican and you love your country!
Our mailing address is:


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Mr. President, You are “Absolutely” Right

This past week, President Obama told CBS News that there is “absolutely” a chance that he won’t be reelected.You’re absolutely right about that, Mr. President. Americans are losing hope — and with stagnant unemployment and poverty at record levels, they’re looking for real change in Washington to turn things around.

That’s why our campaign is gaining momentum — Americans are responding to the real solutions and common sense Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the entire Republican team have to offer. Their message is resonating: 93 percent of the donations received from hardworking Americans have been of $250 or less.

Let’s keep the momentum up and help America’s Comeback Team and the entire Republican team win in November so that our country’s middle class can get the fair shot it deserves.

By donating $5 or more today, you can help ensure Barack Obama “absolutely” becomes a one-term president — by electing Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the entire Republican team.

Thank you for your support,

Andrea Saul
Press Secretary
Romney for President, Inc.

Romney: Convention Highlights


We know not everyone could be there for the convention — so we decided to send you some highlights. With so many incredible speakers and moments, it was hard to pick just a few!

“My promise is to help you and your family.”
– Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney

“I accept the calling of my generation to give our children the America that was given to us.”
– Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan

Check out our new video to experience some great moments from the 2012 Republican National Convention:

It was an inspiring week! Now I hope you’ll join us as we take all that momentum, energy and optimism back onto the campaign trail — and to victory in November.

Donate $20.12 today to support Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the entire Republican team

Thanks for your support,

Katie Packer Gage
Deputy Campaign Manager
Romney for President, Inc.

67 days to go


We’ve only got 67 days left until the election, and every single day is critical in the fight to turn America back around.

In just a few hours, the campaign will hit a crucial fundraising deadline for our cause. Make it count.

Donate $15 or more before midnight to help the Romney-Ryan ticket defeat Barack Obama:

This week’s convention was an incredible celebration, but we’ve got a fight ahead of us.

Let’s win this thing.


Zac Moffatt
Digital Director
Romney for President, Inc.