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Hillary Zombies

Illustrating why intelligent political discourse can be difficult in America today.

Here’s What Would Be Happening if President Romney Had Bombed a Hospital in Afghanistan


Marijuana Opt-out Statement

The following statement from the UCRCC executive committee was shared with the Union County commissioners at the September 16 public hearing:

The Union County Republican Executive Committee urges caution on the issue of recreational marijuana usage. Rather than risk a negative impact on our quality of life in Union County, we believe the county should slow down and “opt-out” at this time to further evaluate the serious concerns that currently exist. We know that many professional medical organizations, including the AMA, are either opposed to recreational use or are urging extreme caution. We note the concern of local law enforcement and that the voters of Union County have voted to opt-out at this time. For all these reasons we recommend a YES vote on the issue of opt-out for recreational marijuana use.

Burgers ‘N Politics


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Burgers and Politics


A Christian Argument: Getting Government Out of Marriage




Update from the State Legislature


I attended a Memorial Day service at Valley View Cemetery in Salem last week.  What a humbling privilege to sit in attendance as they honored the fallen from the past to present.  The keynote speaker at this event was Stu Webber from Boring Oregon.  Stu was an Army Ranger in Viet Nam and then returned to Pastor a church for 30 years before retiring.  He started by stating how powerful the word “remember” is.  Remembering can bring about a plethora of different feelings and emotions both good and bad; as well as the danger of living in the past without an eye on the present and another on the future.  He spoke of his training and how it was important for a soldier to be not only physically and tactically fit, but also to be spiritually fit, that the soul, heart and spirit of the soldier is everything.  It’s not the size of the weapon or the strategic air support, but the size of the heart.


He spoke of personal responsibility in leadership and made the point that if we can’t govern ourselves responsibly, how is it possible to govern a nation?  I won’t give the whole message, but he traveled through history starting 3500 years ago in the book of Joshua and taking it to the present giving examples of men and women with great hearts.   Caleb and Joshua and 10 other men who came back from Canaan with differing perspectives, but it was Joshua who basically said, we can take the land and he spoke this because it was “in his heart”.


Toward the end of his speech, He spoke from the true soldiers’ heart:  “If I thought this body was my own, I couldn’t engage in combat.  But it is not my own, it belongs to God, my wife, my children and to a nation and its future, that in order to provide that future, today must be a part of something much larger than yourself”.


It was refreshing and encouraging to hear these words as we wind down a legislative session that will continue to form the future of Oregon. And although some days seem bleak the duty is still ours and we must keep the heart attitude to continue the fight for our future.


 State Outline PERS Logo There has been legislation this year that will, in my opinion, not be healthy for the state.  There has been a Supreme Court decision on PERS that will continue to cost the state future dollars.  Also looming will be another Federal Supreme Court decision announced in June or July that will potentially throw our health care into more disarray as if there has not been enough of that over the last 6 years.  As if that were not enough, there is also the potential cost of Obamacare’s Cadillac tax that could cost the state 500,000 to a billion dollars in taxes to the Federal Government.Click Here to read more
 taxcredit_crop On a more local level, there is a bill in Revenue, House Bill 3034 that will be worked next week that will start charging our local hospitals for property tax.  In an era when we should be doing everything we can to reduce health care, the state cannot help itself from reaching into your pockets for more.On top of that, also in Revenue Committee, all of the tax credit bills are being piled into one omnibus bill, along with tax bills, with the idea of keeping the omnibus bill revenue neutral, so it won’t come across as a tax bill that would require a three fifths majority to pass.  It could be passed on simply a majority.  There are some simple tax credit bills, that will not even get a hearing.Click Here to read more
 oregonhouseofreps_crop Early in the Session I proposed a simple bill, HB 3403, that would reduce by percentage on state income tax for an increase of employees hired, so if a business increases their full time employment by 20%, they would receive a 40% discount on state income tax.  The idea would really help small businesses that were just starting up to increase their working capital that is needed in the early years.I signed on to a bill introduced by Representative Jodi Hack, HB 3189, that would give rural fire department volunteers a 250 dollar a year tax credit for the time and training they  put in every year.  Volunteer firefighters need to put in 70 hours of training each year to stay current according to state standards.This was a very simple and low cost incentive that made sense and was not even given a hearing. So, what was the reason for these actions by the chair of Revenue?  The state needs more money!!!  We can’t be giving more away!!  So any small encouragement to the communities and their volunteer fire fighters is too much for the state to consider? Any incentives to promote businesses today in order to grow the economy for the future are dead in their tracks.Taking people off of unemployment and placing them in jobs is too much to ask?With all these decisions, I feel like, to quote an old Kris Kristofferson song,  “we’re trading in tomorrow for today”.
 highway_crop Another revelation this year has been HB 3402, a speed limit increase bill that passed through committee unanimously and was then sent down to Ways and Means.  It was given a fiscal from ODOT of $700,000.00 for highway signs and a study.  125 of those signs were quoted at $3500.00 each for replacing them on rural highways.I am trying to get a breakdown on those sign costs in order to argue the issue.  100,000.00 of the cost was for a study, which recently another Representative said was done just 3 years ago.  I need to get details on the study, but if it pertains to speed on corners and the grade of those corners, I would think that information would be logged in a data spread sheet with ODOT.When it comes to spending state dollars(the taxpayers money), I would agree with commissioner Susan Roberts who said the money would be spent more wisely elsewhere, like increasing compensation for wolf predation when the ranchers are only seeing on average a 25% recoup on their wolf kill losses.

email: I phone: 503-986-1458
address: 900 Court St NE, H-384, Salem, OR 97301

The United States of Mexico

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against folks who immigrate to the United States legally in an orderly  manner.  If they want to come here, I think they should learn English, American history and culture, study our constitution, respect our laws and salute our American Stars & Stripes flag.  In short; they should assimilate and be proud to be an American.  I was once fluent in the Spanish language and I lived in Venezuela for two years.  Skin color is not the issue.  I love the people from Mexico, Central America and South America.  I don’t like their culture.  The issue is enforcement of the rule of law.  If the Mexican “culture” is imported to the United States I think it would be a disaster:


Case in point: California.  Please don’t Cali fornicate the United States:


Most Democrats think illegal immigrants should vote!


Obama is fundamentally changing America by releasing criminal illegal immigrants into the general populace rather than deporting them:


Because of the growing number of entitlement-minded voters, Hillary Clinton can run as her true self:


VIDEO: America is the most generous country in the world:


VIDEO: Jorge Ramos of the Fusion Network invites Ann Coulter for a little chat on immigration:


More on the Ann Coulter interview:


Illegal immigrant reveals a desire to limit American free speech rights:


Some studies suggest that there are 30 million undocumented immigrants in America.  A very large percentage are from Mexico.  To put that in perspective; it is interesting to note that the entire population of Mexico is around 120 million.  If the Mexican culture is so great…why are they only swimming one way?


Americans for Liberty PAC
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Republican Party Strength

This graph measures party strength at a national and state level, including President, House, Senate, State Governors, and State Legislatures.


Mike Lee explains why excessive federal land ownership is a bad idea for ALL Americans

CR Second Amendment Week- Gun Drawing


OSU CR Second Amendment Week

Get your tickets for our drawing now!

Dear Union County Republicans ,College Republicans are hosting their 10th Annual Second Amendment week. Lars Larson will be doing his live radio show in the Oregon State University Quad tomorrow from 12-6. You can also Buy tickets for our Firearm Drawing Fundraiser. We have a Sig Sauer 250SC-380, Remington Model 870 Express, Ultimate Gun Range Pack, and more. Tickets are 1 for $5, 5 for $20, or 33 for $100. All proceeds help support College Republican events.Thanks for your support,Donald Handeland
Buy Firearm Drawing Tickets!

Second Amendment Tickets

We are selling tickets for our 10th annual Second Amendment Week. All proceeds benefit the Oregon State University College Republicans.

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  • Remington Model 870 Express
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Top 7 Ways to Support the Second Amendment at OSU


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Ted Cruz


Download the PDF file .

Democracy vs Republic

The most important distinction is that a Republic is a system of laws that guarantee, in our case, the “inalienable rights” set forth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As a Republic these laws protect the rights of the minority even if the majority disagree. In other words, no mob rule allowed. It is important to understand this principle so it can be applied and protected.

Oppressive Senate Bills of Exclusion

There are 10 minimum wage bills that will be up for hearings and public testimony on Monday, April 13th.

They are 6 Senate bills (SB 610, SB 327, SB 130, SB 332, SB 597, SB 682)  that will be heard in the Senate Workforce Committee 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.  This will be invited testimony only.

Summary of minimum wage bills:  7 of the bills raise minimum wage from a low of $10.75/hr by 2016 to a high of $15.00/hr by 2018.  3 of the bills repeal the current state pre-emption statute regarding minimum wage and would grant statutory authority to local governments to set minimum wage.

These bills hurt those people they are intended to help the most and are well intentioned bad policy. Many young people and others with special challenges have a very difficult time getting into the job market already. Here is a reminder why by the great Milton Friedman. It should be obvious to lawmakers that we need more job opportunities, not less, unfortunately, SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE.

The evening of Monday, April 13th will be a joint House & Senate Committee public hearing  – probably 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.  This is the time to arrive in person and provide your testimony.  





Chair Senator Michael Dembrow
Member Senator Sara Gelser
Member Senator Tim Knopp
Member Senate Democratic Leader Diane Rosenbaum
Vice-Chair Senator Kim Thatcher


Committee Administrator Matthew Germer 503-986-1509
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Member Representative Greg Barreto
Vice-Chair Representative Brent Barton
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Chair Representative Paul Holvey
Vice-Chair Representative Bill Kennemer
Member Representative Rob Nosse
Member Representative Jim Weidner


Committee Administrator Jan Nordlund 503-986-1557
Committee Assistant Matthew Puckett 503-986-1520

OSUGOP Winter Newsletter


College Republican Winter Newsletter

Dear Union County Republicans ,The Oregon State University College Republicans had a fantastic Winter Term. We successfully completed all our First Amendment Week activities at the beginning of the term and took a trip to the Oregon Capitol to meet with legislators. This weekend we are bringing 12 students to Seaside for the 51st Dorchester Conference. Stop by our booth and say hello if you are attending.Now we are working on our 10th Annual Second Amendment Week. April 20th – 24th we have a jam packed week where we will be selling tickets, hosting a concealed cary class, debating the College Democrats, and having Lars Larson do his live radio show from campus. There are a lot of activities so feel free to join us and buy tickets for our Firearm Drawing Fundraiser.We would like to thank all our supporters. We couldn’t accomplish a fraction of what we do without your support.

Donald Handeland


Buy Firearm Drawing Tickets!

Second Amendment Tickets

We are selling tickets for our 10th annual Second Amendment Week. All proceeds benefit the Oregon State University College Republicans.

  • Sig Sauer 250SC-380
  • Remington Model 870 Express
  • Ultimate Gun Range Pack
  • and more


Buy Firearm Drawing Tickets!

70+ Things only College Students would write on a Free Speech Wall

College Republicans on Oregon State University’s campus had a free speech wall up for a week. Check out the what people wrote, some are hilarious. Read More.



Top 7 Ways to Support the Second Amendment at OSU


College Republicans Visit the Oregon Capitol 

College Republicans set up meetings with legislators to talk about issues important to college students. Thanks to the legislators that took the time out of their day to visit with us. Read more. 


College Republicans host 2015 First Amendment week

OSU College Republican’s annual First Amendment Week was a success. We were in the quad all week with our Free Speech Wall and debated the College Democrats on a variety of issues.  Read more. 


New College Republican Officers Elected.

  • President – Kyle Cottrill
  • Vice President – Riker Kasamoto
  • Vice President of Finance – Matt Perez
  • Vice President of Community Outreach and Development – Catherine Platt
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs – Taylor Ellson
  • Secretary – Sydney Cammann

New officer terms start May 1st 2015

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Future of Oregon Republican Party in Oregon

Pornography = Sex Trafficking

Besides being harmful and morally wrong at a fundamental level, supporting pornography in any way directly harms young women and children. Don’t do it. Don’t click.

Peak Oil & The Population Bomb