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Another Huge Obama Failure

Donald Trump will never be President?

This is why I never watch network television or listen to celebrities on serious issues. This video is fun to watch though.

President Trump Cabinet Picks

  • Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus 
  • Senior Counselor to the President: Steve Bannon
  • National Security Adviser: Michael Flynn
  • Attorney General: Jeff Sessions
  • C.I.A. Director: Mike Pompeo
  • U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations: Nikki Haley
  • Education Secretary: Betsy DeVos
  • Deputy National Security Adviser: Kathleen McFarland
  • White House Counsel: Don McGhan
  • Health and Human Services Secretary: Tom Price
  • Transportation Secretary: Elaine Chao
  • Treasury Secretary: Steven Mnuchin
  • Defense Secretary: James Mattis
  • Commerce Secretary: Wilbur Ross
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson
  • Homeland Security Secretary: John F. Kelly
  • Labor Secretary: Andy Puzder
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Scott Pruitt
  • Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon
  • Energy Secretary: Rick Perry
  • Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson
  • Interior Secretary: Ryan Zinke
  • Agriculture Secretary: TBD [Butch Otter, Sid Miller, Sam Brownback, Dave Heineman]
  • Veterans Affairs Secretary: TBD [Jeff Miller, Pete Hegseth]

From ALP

Hooray!  Dr. Ben Carson joins the TRUMP cabinet:


We are going to put Mexico on a payment plan:


Laughing at Liberals:


The Republican circular firing squad is now the Democrat circular firing squad:


Clueless! Words of wisdom from the new Democrat Minority Leader – ‘I DON’T THINK THAT PEOPLE WANT A NEW DIRECTION’:


Congressional Democrats devastated:


Go get him TRUMP! The new California Attorney General is itching for a fight:


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Jeff Sessions: Attorney General

What a great pick he is. Here is Senator Sessions in his famous The Masters Of The Universe address to the Senate

Quotes of the Day

Trump’s remarkable victory is their victory. It is a victory for democracy, for the common men and women of America.

The factory workers, the veterans, the cops, the kitchen help, people who plow the fields, make the trains run, pick up the trash and keep the country together and keep it moving — they are all now winners. As one, these cogs of our daily life rose up in a peaceful revolution, their only weapons the ballot box and their faith in the future. Michael Goodwin


Barack Obama has been a disaster for the Democratic Party. When he took office in 2009, Democrats had large majorities in the House and Senate, 29 governorships, and 27 state legislatures. Now it has neither chamber, and only 18 governorships and 12 state legislatures. There was a Republican landslide for the Kentucky state senate, where the GOP took a majority for the first time in 91 years. Steven Hayward

Tensions Building Up in Europe

.. but don’t expect our news media to report on important issues right now. They don’t care.


And 8 years later…


Clinton documentary at the Granada

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is now playing at the Granada 3 Theatre in La Grande this Saturday


Watch the trailer here:


Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
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Fax (541) 963-7750
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Weapons Ban


Hillary Promises to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Terror Attacks




Yes, George W Bush Kept Us Safe

imageLiberals are desperate to deny it, but facts are facts. After 911 we went 2,688 days on his watch without another attack on our soil. Now we’re lucky to go a month or two without an attack. I really miss President Bush. Read the whole thing.





A Sign of Citizenship, by Kevin D Williams

The bearing of arms is a sign of citizenship, which is to say, of being a full participant in government who acts through it, as opposed to subjectship, the state of being a passive being who does not act through government but who is acted upon. In that sense, it is like the ability to vote or to be eligible for service in government. Frederick Douglass understood this linkage perfectly, inasmuch as these ideas were much better understood in those more literate days. “A man’s rights rest in three boxes,” he said. “The ballot box, jury box, and the cartridge box. Let no man be kept from the ballot box because of his color. Let no woman be kept from the ballot box because of her sex.” The militias contemplated by the Second Amendment were armed citizen volunteers who could act to use the force of arms to keep the peace in an emergency; they are entitled to act in the peacekeeping role generally reserved for the state because, being the citizens of a republic, they are the state, the very seat of its sovereignty.

Read the whole thing…

Past vs Present – Why ordinary Americans feel out of touch with today’s politician/kings

harry-s-truman-retirementHarry & Bess

Harry Truman was a different kind of President. He probably made as many, or more important decisions regarding our nation’s history as any of the other 42 Presidents preceding him. However, a measure of his greatness may rest on what he did after he left the White House.

The only asset he had when he died was the house he lived in, which was in Independence Missouri. His wife had inherited the house from her mother and father and other than their years in the White House, they lived their entire lives there.

When he retired from office in 1952 his income was a U.S. Army pension reported to have been $13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an ‘allowance’ and, later, a retroactive pension of $25,000 per year.

After President Eisenhower was inaugurated, Harry and Bess drove home to Missouri by themselves. There was no Secret Service following them.

When offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating, “You don’t want me. You want the office of the President, and that doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the American people and it’s not for sale.”

Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it, writing, “I don’t consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for any award, Congressional or otherwise.”

As president he paid for all of his own travel expenses and food.

Modern politicians have found a new level of success in cashing in on the Presidency, resulting in untold wealth. Today, many in Congress also have found a way to become quite wealthy while enjoying the fruits of their offices. Political offices are now for sale.

Good old Harry Truman was correct when he observed, “My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference!

I say dig him up and clone him!

The Ambush and Death of LaVoy Finicum

From eyewitness Victoria Sharp: “He’s like, just shoot me then, just shoot me — and they did, they shot him dead,” Sharp said. “They shot him right there, he was just walking — I saw it. I swear to God, he was just walking with his hands in the air.”

2016 Ted Cruz Campaign Ad – Invasion

Ted Cruz With Steven Crowder

Talk radio host Steven Crowder interviews Ted Cruz. A good, frank discussion that provides a personal view of this leading Republican candidate.

Leadership Change


Union County Republicans,

Doug Osburn has resigned as Union Co. Republican Central Committee Chairman to pursue other political interests. The Executive Board has appointed me as chairman pro-tem until our next meeting, which will be held on January 6, 2016, 12 noon, at the Flying J Restaurant. At that time we will hold an election for committee chairman along with other business. That term will run until November 2016. Anyone that is interested in running for the chairman position please plan on attending the January meeting for nomination. I plan on running for the position.  Please note that only elected Precinct Committee Persons (PCP’s) will be eligible to vote for the new chairman.

The Executive Board will be holding a couple of meetings in December to organize and plan for the coming year. Next year will be a busy as their will be national, state, and county elections. We hope that all the PCP’s will get involved as we will need a lot of help. Please invite your fellow Republicans to get involved and bring them to the monthly Republican meetings.

We will send out a reminder email and also be doing some phone calls.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to call or email me.

Fred Hawkins, Chairman Pro-Tem
541 910-0041
[email protected]

Hillary Zombies

Illustrating why intelligent political discourse can be difficult in America today.