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OSUGOP Winter Newsletter


College Republican Winter Newsletter

Dear Union County Republicans ,The Oregon State University College Republicans had a fantastic Winter Term. We successfully completed all our First Amendment Week activities at the beginning of the term and took a trip to the Oregon Capitol to meet with legislators. This weekend we are bringing 12 students to Seaside for the 51st Dorchester Conference. Stop by our booth and say hello if you are attending.Now we are working on our 10th Annual Second Amendment Week. April 20th – 24th we have a jam packed week where we will be selling tickets, hosting a concealed cary class, debating the College Democrats, and having Lars Larson do his live radio show from campus. There are a lot of activities so feel free to join us and buy tickets for our Firearm Drawing Fundraiser.We would like to thank all our supporters. We couldn’t accomplish a fraction of what we do without your support.

Donald Handeland


Buy Firearm Drawing Tickets!

Second Amendment Tickets

We are selling tickets for our 10th annual Second Amendment Week. All proceeds benefit the Oregon State University College Republicans.

  • Sig Sauer 250SC-380
  • Remington Model 870 Express
  • Ultimate Gun Range Pack
  • and more


Buy Firearm Drawing Tickets!

70+ Things only College Students would write on a Free Speech Wall

College Republicans on Oregon State University’s campus had a free speech wall up for a week. Check out the what people wrote, some are hilarious. Read More.



Top 7 Ways to Support the Second Amendment at OSU


College Republicans Visit the Oregon Capitol 

College Republicans set up meetings with legislators to talk about issues important to college students. Thanks to the legislators that took the time out of their day to visit with us. Read more. 


College Republicans host 2015 First Amendment week

OSU College Republican’s annual First Amendment Week was a success. We were in the quad all week with our Free Speech Wall and debated the College Democrats on a variety of issues.  Read more. 


New College Republican Officers Elected.

  • President – Kyle Cottrill
  • Vice President – Riker Kasamoto
  • Vice President of Finance – Matt Perez
  • Vice President of Community Outreach and Development – Catherine Platt
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs – Taylor Ellson
  • Secretary – Sydney Cammann

New officer terms start May 1st 2015

Copyright © 2015 Oregon State University College Republicans, All rights reserved.
Our mailing address is:
Oregon State University College RepublicansP.O. Box 808Corvallis, OR 97339

Future of Oregon Republican Party in Oregon

Pornography = Sex Trafficking

Besides being harmful and morally wrong at a fundamental level, supporting pornography in any way directly harms young women and children. Don’t do it. Don’t click.

Peak Oil & The Population Bomb

112 Broken Promises in 12 Minutes

It’s too painful to watch the current State of the Union address but here are 112 broken promises from past SOTU’s. No one should feel guilty about passing on Obama’s SOTU speech. The president’s track record provides ample justification for not listening to anything he says.


Global Warming / Climate Change Hoax – Dr. Roy Spencer

Al Gore, 2007: “Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap during some of the summer months will be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years,” [Dec. 10, 2007 “Earth has a fever” speech]

Observed results: At day 360 in 2014, Polar Ice Cap Increased 43 Percent, setting a record


Finally, Dr Roy Spencer…




Obama did set a record.  It will be his legacy.  He helped the Democrat party sustain the most midterm election defeats for a president over two terms:


The most recent defeat for the Democrats cements the historic GOP gains in the US House and the US Senate:


Half of the senators who voted for Obama care are no longer in the US Senate:




Now even Senator Dirty Harry is blaming Obama care for historic Democrat losses in the recent congressional election:


Who was Liberal economist Jonathan Gruber talking about…really?  Oh, yeah…that would be the Democrats who voted for Obama care:


Most Americans still want Obama care repealed:




The majority of Americans oppose both the policy and procedure of the Obama amnesty:


Seven more states join the lawsuit against the Obama amnesty executive order:


The Obama amnesty is just another leftist power play:




Obama sets another record.  Some economic recovery!  46 million people have been on food stamps for 36 months in a row:


It doesn’t matter how high your income is…if you spend more than you make.  Our elected officials miss an historic opportunity to balance the budget as the federal government rakes in a record amount of tax revenue:


The Tea-Party reacts to the Obama-Boehner omnibus passage with defiance:


Americans for Liberty PAC
A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
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1615 4th Street
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(541) 963-7930
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The Ascent of Fox News

How it happened…

More Doublespeak from the Pres.

The President is preparing to do exactly what he said he would never do. Are we surprised anymore?

Don’t Tell ‘Em

Ronald Reagan Dinner


Harry Reid is Out !

As former Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid refused to allow the Senate to vote on more than 300 bills that had passed the House of Representatives–all the while blaming “gridlock” on the Republicans.


Richardson Post Debate Interview

The choice is really stark …

Handy Matrix of ORP Position on Ballot Measures

For those last-minute voters who are wondering what position the Oregon Republican Party took on the ballot measures, here is a handy matrix:

[A safe approach is to automatically vote of NO on all ballot measures unless a very compelling case for YES can be made. When in doubt, vote NO. – Jay]

Measure Subject Description Position Reason
86 Education Amends Oregon Constitution to create fund for Oregonians pursuing post-secondary education; authorizes debt to finance No Better left to private sector; another unfunded government program
87 Judiciary Allows judges to be hired by the National Guard and public universities; allows school employees to serve in the legislature - No financial impact; non-controversial
88 Immigration Upholds four-year driver licenses for those who cannot prove legal presence in the United States No Encourages illegal immigration;  does not improve road safety
89 Civil Rights Guarantees equal rights regardless of sex - Oregon already has constitutional protection for all persons
90 Elections Creates an open, top-two primary election system No Reduces voter choice;  reduces voter participation;  eliminates minor parties
91 Marijuana Legalizes recreational marijuana; tasks Oregon Liquor Control Commission with regulation of its sale No Legitimizes dangerous drug use;  costs more than revenue generated
92 Business Regulation Mandates labeling of certain foodstuffs that contain genetically modified organisms No Costly to Oregon growers;  does not provide useful information to consumers

Vote Freedom First On or Before November 4th – Vote Greg Walden for U.S. House of Representatives!



Based on his consistent and proven voting record on Second Amendment issues in the U.S. House of Representatives, Representative Walden has earned an “A” rating from NRA-PVF for this election.  An “A” rating is reserved for a solidly pro-gun legislator who has supported NRA positions on key votes.

Representative Walden is a cosponsor of H.R. 2959, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2013.  This bill would ensure that law-abiding Americans with a valid concealed handgun permit would be able to carry their concealed firearm in any other state that does not prohibit concealed carry.   He voted for a similar bill in 2011.

Representative Walden voted for H.R. 3590, the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2013, a bill that would positively impact sportsmen throughout Oregon and the country.  Specifically, the SHARE Act would protect traditional hunting ammunition and fishing tackle, open additional land access for hunting and fishing, and allow firearms to be legally carried on land managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

In addition, Representative Walden voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress on both criminal and civil charges for the flawed and tragic Fast and Furious scandal.

Furthermore, Greg Walden opposes the Obama-Bloomberg agenda of banning guns, ammunition, magazines, and creating a so-called “universal” background check system that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms between life-long friends and many family members.

That’s why it’s important for you and every freedom-loving voter in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District to vote for Greg Walden for U.S. House of Representatives on or before Tuesday, November 4th

For more information on voting, please call (503) 986-1518 or click here.

PS:  Don’t forget to vote Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate!

Issues that matter to voters


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Manipulated Unemployment Rate Drops As The Economy Worsens

The government “Unemployment Rate” is intentionally deceptive. Below is what is really happening in America:



Josephine County Oktoberfest


Big Money, Big Power, Big Hypocrisy