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Will Gov. Brown’s Plans For A Sale Of State Assets Reap Big Dollars For Oregon?

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Gov. Kate Brown has an ambitious plan to raise $5 billion by selling off a wide range of public assets, from surplus property to possibly even some state agencies. This kind of thing has been happening in the U.S. for a long time where the current politicians decide they need cash now and figure out how to get it,” said Robert Barone, a Reno-based economist and investment fund adviser who has written on the topic. “But then it’s mortgaging the future because the building they sold to the private sector now requires that the taxpayers through taxes pay the private sector for rents in that building.”




Oregon took months to fix lead problems at juvenile prisons

The Oregonian

Full-scale testing of youth prisons in February and March came nearly six months after the state finished lead inspections on 40 other buildings where state employees lived or worked, including the governor’s mansion and the Oregon Capitol. A spokesman for the Oregon Youth Authority blamed unforeseen contracting problems for testing delays. “We have tried to be very conscientious and focus on the health of our youth and staff,” Benjamin Chambers said. “We didn’t want it to take this long.”




Mother’s death on a rafting trip inspires ‘helmet bill’ in Oregon


Senate Bill 643 is her answer. The bill would require any outfitter and guide to offer helmets to passengers on waters rated Class III or above. Rapids are ranked on a class scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the most challenging. Zach Collier already offers helmets to his passengers, but he says it wouldn’t make sense to force them to wear one. “Sometimes it’s unsafe. If it’s super warm, it can create heat injuries.”




Portland voters to decide on $790 million spending package to fix school lead

Associated Press

The $790 million spending package that would raise taxes to address the crisis has generated intense interest in an otherwise sleepy election as residents revisit lingering questions about how administrators in the 49,000-student district handled the discovery of lead levels that surpassed federal standards in the water at dozens of schools.


Prineville passes on resolution to welcome everyone, citizen or not

Bend Bulletin

A request that Prineville city councilors declare the city open to anyone, regardless of immigration status or gender identity, raised doubts last week about whether a majority of Prineville residents would approve. “We know our community pretty well, and we know there are some people here — I bet at least 60 percent of our citizens — who would say that if people want to come to the U.S., then they should take the route of legal entry, not illegal entry,” Roppe said. “We’re here to represent the majority of our citizens.”




In Trump era, record numbers of Oregonians running for office

The Oregonian

“There is incredibly heightened interest among the populace in how our government functions at the federal level,” he said. That may well have spurred Oregonians to act locally, he said.




Editorial: Tackling opioids

Register Guard

If the state task force Brown is forming is serious about dealing with this epidemic, there are worse places look than Lane County, where a number of physicians and health care organizations have been looking at ways to reduce opioid abuse and better treat pain. These range from alternative treatments such as weight loss, exercise and meditation on up to creation of chronic pain centers offering a multi-pronged approach for the most complex cases. The interest now being shown by state and federal officials is encouraging news. If they follow through with their commitments, the result will be better pain management, reduced drug abuse and healthier communities.


Guest: Simplified tax can mend broken system

Nancy Nathanson and Phil Barnhart, both Eugene Democrats, represent District 13 and District 11, respectively, in the Oregon House of Representatives.

We think there’s a different way we can approach this. Along with House Speaker Tina Kotek, we’ve presented a bold yet prudent proposal that will finally allow us to make significant, strategic investments in our schools. Under this proposal, we could fund kindergarten-through-12th-grade schools at a level that would allow school districts to finally add back school days, reduce class sizes, and add back programs that improve graduation rates. The proposal calls for $200 million in strategic initiatives, like teacher mentoring, hiring school nurses, improving graduation rates and supporting better school nutrition. We can build workforce and career training programs that prepare students to work in emerging industries.

We can make the promise of an affordable college education real again, and we can build the kind of future for our state that we all want.


Guest: Oregon desperately needs revenue reform

Tass Morrison serves on the North Santiam School Board and the Oregon School Boards Association Board.

Our state elected officials face no greater issue today than finding a sustainable system for paying for government services. Indeed, it is the only work that counts now.   I urge them, and anyone who cares about our children’s future, to bring the issue of revenue reform into focus – immediately. We need to couple that work with containing costs on PERS and health care, and chart a course for the foreseeable future that provides today’s generation with the same educational opportunities that we enjoyed in our youth.



ORP Daily Clips







Transportation plan calls for $1.1B to reduce Portland-area traffic

The Oregonian

But Republicans warn that the myriad tax increases included in the plan will not be popular among voters, and say an overhaul of the low-carbon fuel standard is critical in gaining GOP support for the plan.


Because it includes tax hikes, the proposal will need a three-fifths approval in both chambers of the statehouse. That means Democrats will need to get at least two Republicans on their side. The last transportation package passed in 2009, funded partially by increased gas taxes. A proposal failed in 2015 when a bid to trade Oregon’s new clean fuels law for new carbon cuts fell apart at the end of session. This proposal is about 20 times larger than 2015’s.




OPB Think Out Loud: Rep. Bentz Talks Taxes

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Democratic lawmakers have a plan to change the way businesses are taxed in Oregon. They say they need bold action to provide money for schools. Republicans say this is the return of Measure 97 —  another attempt at a sales tax. Yesterday, we got the Democratic perspective from Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton. Today, we hear a response from Republican Rep. Cliff Bentz of Ontario.


Commissioner Chloe Eudaly and Portland Advocates Prepare to Launch a Climate-Change Tax on Corporations

Willamette Week

The key debate in the Oregon Legislature this year is whether to impose a tax on businesses, months after voters rejected a similar idea at the ballot box. But WW has learned that state lawmakers aren’t the only ones who want to hike business taxes.In Portland, City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has joined forces with environmental and social-justice advocates on a potential 2018 ballot measure: a 1 percent city tax on the local gross receipts of businesses with national sales over $1 billion, if those businesses do at least $500,000 in annual sales in the city of Portland.


Ryan Deckert, a former Democratic lawmaker and now the president of the Oregon Business Association, expressed concern. “That just makes zero sense,” Deckert says. “This would be a total sideshow to a really important conversation that’s happening in the Capitol right now.”


Businesses outside Oregon would be taxed under commercial activity tax proposal

Portland Tribune

A proposed statewide tax on businesses’ sales would for the first time bring in revenue from out-of-state companies that sell goods in Oregon but have no physical address here, according to the Legislative Revenue Office. The .95 percent rate would apply to businesses with Oregon sales exceeding $5 million.




The Feds Persuaded Oregon to Scrap Its Exploitive Prison Phone Contract—Until the State Decided It Needed the Money

Willamette Week

The Department of Corrections budget is nearly $900 million a year, so the loss of the phone contract would be a relatively small hit. But it’s significant for the inmate welfare fund, which gets nearly 70 percent of its funding from phone commissions. The first draft of Gov. Kate Brown’s budget, released late last year, originally proposed to shift general fund dollars to replace about half the phone commissions. But Craig says that’s no longer in the works. Instead, state officials decided to extend the Telmate contract, which was set to expire June 30, 2017. Craig says her agency was preparing to put the contract out for bid in early March when responsibility for the contract shifted to the Department of Administrative Services.


Inmate who died in jail tried to get help 19 times over five hours

The Oregonian

For more than five hours, a Yamhill County Jail inmate writhed in pain on his mattress, clutched his side, walked 19 times to the door to press an intercom button for help and urinated blood in the toilet inside his cell, but no one came to help Jed Hawk Myers, according to jail records, video and police investigative reports.




State Land Board votes 3-0 to keep Elliott State Forest publicly owned

Register Guard

Following the vote, Brown directed the ­Department of State Lands to come up with a plan for preserving public ownership of the Elliott while separating it from the school fund, either through land transfer or other options. Previously, Brown has called for spending $100 million in bonds to remove some of the forest from the school fund. She added that the plan must continue ­habitat conservation.


Oregon State Land Board: Elliott State Forest to stay public

The Associated Press

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, another board member, said he regretted the sale didn’t go through in February but recognized the forest would inevitably stay in public hands even if he voted against it. He apologized to Lone Rock and to Michael Rondeau, chief executive officer of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians. Brown told Rondeau tribes could still have a role in managing forests. The Department of State Lands was directed to “continue working with sovereign tribal governments to explore ownership or additional forest management opportunities.”


It’s unanimous: Elliott State Forest will remain publicly owned

The Oregonian

Under Brown’s proposal, decisions about the rest of the land would be entrusted to what’s called a habitat conservation plan, a blueprint that would dictate where logging could occur and where habitat for threatened species like the marbled murrelet and northern spotted owl would be protected. It would need federal approval, something that federal agencies withheld the last time Oregon tried to draft such a plan for the Elliott. Liz Dent, a state department of forestry official, said the expected timber harvest under Brown’s plan would be about 20 million board feet each year – roughly half as much as the state’s aggressive 2011 plan that led to the situation today.




State may hold off on spending spree for college buildings

Statesman Journal

A graph of the growing debt so impressed House Speaker Tina Kotek, she warned school officials that rapid increases can’t continue. The proposed projects are nice, she said, but “we end up paying a long-term debt that I don’t think we can afford,” she said. The lawmakers also wanted to see that the colleges and universities are taking care of the buildings they’ve got. Rep. John Huffman, R-The Dalles, said that session after session the deferred maintenance on college campuses have mounted — and yet the state keeps adding new construction. “I know that new buildings sparkle and glitter, but, at some point, I want to make sure we’re getting control of our deferred maintenance,” he said.




Senate takes up Deschutes bridge ban

Bend Bulletin

Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, said the bridge just south of the city limits in the Deschutes National Forest would have to be built without condemnation of private property and only after an environmental impact study is done to ensure no negative impact. A bill currently before the Senate would ban bridges in the that location. “I will support a bridge on Forest Service property,” Knopp said. “I will likely seek an amendment to the bill to do that.”


Oregon may allow drivers to choose nonbinary, rather than male or female, for licenses

The Oregonian

Officials will host a public hearing on the proposed change Wednesday in Portland. If approved, Oregonians could change their licenses and identification cards beginning this summer. Instead of “F” or “M,” their licenses would display “X” under sex. “Some people don’t identify as male or female,” said Amy Herzfeld-Copple, the co-executive director of Basic Rights Oregon. “We’re excited by the DMV proposal because it’s an important step in recognizing what we already know to be true. Gender is a spectrum.”




With a Week to Go Before Election Day, Portland Public Schools Can’t Stop Hitting Itself

Willamette Week

The School Board is asking voters to trust the district’s ability to execute a risky, complex, multiyear construction program. Officials handled a previous bond effectively, but poor management decisions about personnel and policy, and a continuing aversion to transparency, threaten to undermine voters’ confidence.


Tunnel collapses at Hanford nuclear waste site in Washington state

Washington Post

Hundreds of workers at the Department of Energy’s Hanford nuclear site in Washington state had to “take cover” Tuesday morning after the collapse of 20-foot-long portion of a tunnel used to store contaminated radioactive materials. The Energy Department said it activated its emergency operations protocol after reports of a “cave-in” at the 200 East Area in Hanford, a sprawling complex about 200 miles from Seattle where the government has been working to clean up radioactive materials left over from the country’s nuclear weapons program.




Editorial: A big transportation plan

Register Guard

Taken together, the committee’s recommendations would raise an additional $1 billion a year by the time they were fully phased in, allowing a substantial increase in the $2 billion a year the state, cities and counties currently spend on transportation. According to a 2014 study by the Portland Business Alliance, a failure to relieve congestion on Oregon highways will cost the average Oregon household $788 a year by 2040 due to higher prices and lost competitiveness related to transportation delays. There will be arguments over many details of the committee’s plan. There should be little debate, however, over the need for a response on the scale the committee has proposed.


Editorial: Some good and bad in state transportation plan

Bend Bulletin

Perhaps the worst proposal in the package is for a new statewide payroll tax for public transportation. It would be one-tenth of 1 percent, so a person making $50,000 a year would pay about $50 a year. Not every community in Oregon has a public transit system. It’s not at all fair to tax all Oregonians to pay for something they may not have. If a local community has a system, the voters there should decide for themselves how much they want to tax themselves to pay for it.


Guest: Oregon’s transportation crossroads: Creating options for the future

John D. Miller of Salem is president of the Salem-based Wildwood/Mahonia family of companies.

How we power our vehicles also needs to change. Transportation is the biggest source of climate pollution in Oregon. Alternative fuels, like the biodiesel produced right here in Salem from used cooking oil and waste grease, and electric cars and buses, are key to reducing that pollution. This conversion to clean fuels also creates jobs. For example, building electric vehicle infrastructure supports local electricians and other contractors. Lawmakers have a historic opportunity before them: To fund a modern transportation system that will provide tangible benefits for today’s communities while creating an environmentally sustainable system for generations to come.


Guest: Reducing Oregon’s diesel emissions should be a priority

Alan Sprott is the Vice President of Environmental Affairs for Vigor, which operates shipyards and manufacturing facilities throughout Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.    

Oregon now has an opportunity to begin implementing DEQ’s strategy to reduce diesel soot. Senate Bill 1008 would create a program to phase out or retrofit older diesel engines for cleaner engines used on roads, create an inventory of off-road diesel equipment, and create a fund from public improvement projects to repower or retrofit diesel powered equipment. The program also uses money from the Volkswagen Diesel Settlement to provide grants for reducing diesel emissions. These steps hit the core of DEQ’s strategy to reduce emissions by accelerating the replacement of older engines, and providing financial support for clean diesel projects.




Wyden renews call for special prosecutor after Comey firing

Portland Tribune

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden said Tuesday that it was “outrageous” for President Donald Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey in the middle of an investigation into Russian links with people close to the president. “At this point, no one in Trump’s chain of command can be trusted to carry out an impartial investigation,” Wyden said in a statement, adding, “The president would do well to remember that in America, the truth always comes out.”


January 12, 2017 Daily Clips

House Republican Office
January 12, 2017 Daily Clips


Gov. Kate Brown Declares State Of Emergency
“As snow continues to accumulate and local authorities respond to provide core services and clear roadways, all available state resources will be made available to ensure the safety of communities throughout Oregon,” Brown said in the release.

The declaration allows the deployment of Oregon State Police and the Oregon National Guard to support to communities needing assistance.

Gov. Kate Brown declares state of emergency in Oregon due to snow
Gov. Kate Brown has declared a state of emergency in Oregon due to severe winter storm conditions. Rep. Mike McLane, R-Powell Butte, whose legislative district includes Juniper Acres, said he has been in close contact with state and county officials to monitor the situation. McLane urged residents to exercise caution and look out for friends and neighbors.

“With more snow in the forecast and freezing temperatures expected to continue, Oregonians should not hesitate to contact emergency personnel if they or someone they know is in distress,” McLane said.

Rep. Cliff Bentz and Sen. Ted Ferrioli, R-John Day, on Wednesday requested that the governor send resources to the county, where parts of Interstate 84 and Highway 20 are closed due to bad weather. Bentz said in a press release that Brown has ordered her staff to coordinate with local authorities and the office of Idaho Gov. Butch Otter.

Explosives considered for removing dangerous ice floe in far-eastern Oregon
Officials in Oregon’s far-east Malheur County are asking the National Guard to consider using explosives to blast away a mile-long ice floe blocking parts of the Snake River, according to an emergency proclamation obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive. That kind of operation has never been done by the Oregon National Guard before, said Cory Grogan, spokesman for the state Office of Emergency Management.

“If we get a flood event we’re in real trouble,” said Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario. “This is not a joke. This is bad.”

Crook County emergency request granted by the state — for a price
Bend Bulletin
State officials rejected Crook County’s emergency request for money and manpower to help dig stranded people out of snowed-in rural neighborhoods after concluding Wednesday that the county hadn’t used all of its resources. But the state did offer help for an estimated $55 an hour, plus equipment costs.

Port of Portland Director Bill Wyatt to Retire, Presenting Gov. Kate Brown with a Dilemma
Willamette Week
Wyatt’s departure raises a couple of intriguing questions. First, there’s his own future. Oregon’s two statewide business organizations, Associated Oregon Industries and the Oregon Business Association, have agreed to merge and will be looking for an executive director who can increase their combined effectiveness. Wyatt has long been mentioned as a potential candidate. Second, his departure presents a dilemma and a test for Gov. Kate Brown. The governor appoints the nine-member port commission, which then hires the executive director. Brown’s dilemma is this: Does she steer the job to Robinhold, Wyatt’s deputy, or does she put in her own person?

Critic Suggest Legislators Take Action to Avoid Conflicts of Interest
The Lund Report
Legislators can avoid future conflicts of interest that led to the recent resignations of Kristin Leonard and Abby Tibbs, according to a vocal critic. Les Ruark is encouraging Sen. Richard Devlin and Rep. Nancy Nathanson — two prominent Democrats who co-chair the Ways and Means Committee — to pursue a budget note that controls how state agencies can use loaned executives.

Hundreds expected at rally against Trump’s immigration proposals
Portland Tribune
A pro-immigrant rally set for Saturday, Jan. 14, at the Oregon Capitol could draw several hundred demonstrators opposed to President-elect Donald Trump’s positions on immigration.
U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader and several state lawmakers are scheduled to participate in the rally from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the steps of the Capitol.

Gomberg takes oath of office; small business, housing priorities
Tillamook Headlight Herald
This session will be dominated by large issues like the budget, funding improvements to our roads and bridges, and helping our struggling education system,” said Gomberg. He added he will also be on concerns that directly affect this part of Oregon. “I’ve prepared almost a dozen bills to cut red-tape and provide support for our small businesses,” he said. “And I’m already working to reverse planned cuts to Oregon Project Independence, a program that keeps seniors safe and secure in their own homes. I’m fighting to preserve the funding increase Oregon voters committed to Veterans through Measure 96. And I’m working on plans to create more affordable housing.”

Rescue dogs, border collies nominated for Oregon state dog
Statesman Journal
“The beauty of this resolution is it covers all breeds,” he said. “More importantly, it represents the community’s commitment to working with rescue animals and giving them forever homes.” Gomberg worked with the Oregon Humane Society and the Humane Society of the United States in the past and readily agreed to sponsor the resolution. But most convincing of all were the two rescued Samoyed dogs and four rescued cats that greet him every day at home, he added.

Bedrooms for burrowing owls
High Country News
After the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declined to run the refuge, the Columbia Development Authority, a consortium of public and private business organizations, offered to take over. It also proposed a much larger solar farm — 2,000 acres that could generate $1 million worth of electricity annually. “We want to find a balance to protect habitat and economic development,” says Oregon State Rep. Greg Smith, executive director of the authority.


Bonamici reintroduces tsunami bill
Daily Astorian
The legislation would strengthen tsunami detection and warning systems, improve response and resiliency and better protect communities vulnerable to a tsunami.

“Many Oregonians, including students from Seaside High School in coastal Oregon, have told me that there won’t be enough time to make it to safety when there’s a tsunami,” Bonamici, D-Oregon, said in a release. “I applaud Seaside residents for passing a bond recently to rebuild schools on higher ground to reduce the dangers of tsunami, and state and local governments are working hard to prepare and educate the public. But the federal government can do more to help keep coastal communities safe through improved warning systems. This bill is one part of the solution. Preparing for tsunami is a life-or-death matter for residents of coastal Oregon and other coastal communities.”


Eviction Wars
Portland Mercury
And no-cause eviction policy is why a political, lobbying, and public relations battle is brewing at the capitol, with landlord groups warning their members that “powerful,” “radical,” and “confrontational” tenant groups “have the ear” of politicians like House Speaker Tina Kotek and Gov. Kate Brown (Kotek has introduced bills that so-called “radical” groups like Portland Tenants Unitedsupport). It’s also why tenant groups are so concerned that landlords are consolidating and raising money to “buy off” other politicians so they can keep raking in profits from poor and middle-class renters.

Inclusionary housing policy has skeptics
Portland Tribune
Although every state but Texas has long allowed local inclusionary housing or zoning policies, some developers said Portland’s policy is much broader than those in other cities, which have exemptions intended to accommodate different kinds of projects at various locations.


Medical pot grows denied
Mail Tribune
Pot growers are crying foul because Jackson County so far is refusing to grandfather in existing medical marijuana grows on rural-residential land.
A spring 2016 change to state law made medical marijuana grows illegal on rural-residential land in the county. Recreational marijuana grows were already illegal on the land zoned for country living.


State’s largest orchard sells to Washington fruit grower
East Oregonian
Earl Brown & Sons, Oregon’s largest grower and packer of fresh apples, has sold to another family-owned fruit enterprise in Wenatchee, Washington. Brown said the transition with Foreman Fruit has been smooth, and will ensure that Earl Brown & Sons has the resources to stay competitive. “You have to be a certain size anymore to compete with all the regulations that come down on smaller companies,” he said.


How BuzzFeed crossed the line in publishing salacious ‘dossier’ on Trump
The Washington Post
Where does transparency meet irresponsibility? Right at the line that BuzzFeed’s editor Ben Smith approached Tuesday and decided to step over in the name of serving citizens’ best interests.With caveats and explanations aplenty, Smith published a 35-page “dossier” — actually just a bunch of scurrilous allegations dressed up as an intelligence report meant to damage Donald Trump.

U.S. Senate approves measure launching Obamacare repeal process
The U.S. Senate on Thursday took a first concrete step toward dismantling Obamacare, voting to instruct key committees to draft legislation repealing President Barack Obama’s signature health insurance program. The resolution, passed in the early hours of Thursday in a 51-48 vote, now goes to the House of Representatives, which is expected to vote on it this week. Scrapping Obamacare is a top priority for Republican President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican majorities in both chambers.


Editorial: It’s time for public records reform
Daily Astorian Editorial Board
Following Kitzhaber’s resignation, there was a welter of requests for communications that occurred behind the wall of the governor’s suite. Our newspaper group made requests regarding the gestation of the gillnet decision. The essence of why access to public records matter is this: Citizens pay for this government and it’s not the property of those who come and go in its leadership.

Editorial: Gov. Kate Brown and Legislature neglect PERS
Bend Bulletin Editorial Board
Brown did mention PERS in her speech. “We must address the ongoing PERS liability in a way that keeps our promises to retirees and does not put us back on an endless hamster wheel of litigation,” she said. The only solution she offered, though, was a hope the state could get better returns on state investments by doing more of the work by state employees. The plan might save the state $1 billion over 20 years, if all goes well. It’s a big if.

Editorial: On pay raises for Oregon legislators
East Oregonian Editorial Board
We understand where Knopp and Buehler are coming from; the timing of this particular raise, as small as it is, is unfortunate at best. But there’s a larger issue here: Considering what we ask from them and the complexity of the issues that they must grapple with, you can make a strong case that we don’t pay our legislators nearly enough — especially if we want to attract younger legislators who must also juggle families and other jobs. This probably isn’t the session to address this issue. But that doesn’t mean the problem is going away.

Editorial: Poor fixes for affordable housing problem
Bend Bulletin Editorial Board
The affordable housing crunch exists pretty much statewide. Yet a statewide problem does not necessarily need a statewide solution, no matter what Democrats in Salem seem to think. From the governor on down, they’ve proposed a series of so-called fixes to the housing crunch that would, in fact, serve only to make it worse.

Editorial: Some advice for lawmakers as the 2017 session draws closer
Beaverton Valley Times
We can make this another year in which we debate gutting social services or education, or we can make this a year in which we try to stop the bleeding and boost revenue. We urge the latter path.

SWEET VICTORY! Mainstream Media Meltdown

Thanks to President-Elect Donald J. TRUMP – IT IS A NEW DAY IN  AMERICA!  We now have REAL hope and we WILL have positive change.  In a total repudiation of OBAMA and his failed policies, we forgotten men and women, we the (deplorable) people of the USA have taken our country back!


Republicans hold the US Senate:


Republicans retain the US House of Representatives:


Republicans now hold two thirds of the Governorships:


Republicans win the White House – The FINAL Electoral College margin of victory: TRUMP 306 – CLINTON 232


TRUMP, not CLINTON, will shape the Supreme Court!


NOW…for the fun part!


Here was Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball prediction  (the “expert” that FOX News has been having on the Megyn Kelly show:


Here was the final prediction from the delusional Los Angeles Times newspaper:


TRUMP won and the Liberal media lost their minds:


The more the media attempted to discredit the Republican nominee, the more they discredited themselves:


The OBAMA “legacy” ends in utter defeat – He campaigned non-stop for CLINTON and ended the campaign in Pennsylvania (where TRUMP pulled off a stunning victory):


“Change you can believe in” is coming:




Americans for Liberty PAC

A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers

Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA

1615 4th Street

La Grande OR  97850

(541) 963-7930

Fax (541) 963-7750

Email [email protected]

A Message from Bill Courier, ORP

Good evening,

Wow, we are getting national attention with our GOTV effort and seem to have really struck a nerve with the Democrat Party.  I wanted to update each of you on the ongoing media hype regarding our GOTV calls and inactive voter surge.  On Friday and throughout the weekend a series of automated calls were made to thousands of Republicans who were already registered but have been placed on the inactive list by the Secretary of State.

The voice message was simple and direct: ““Voter registration records have been reviewed in your county and there is a possibility that you or someone in your household may have had their voter registration marked inactive. If you have not received your ballot yet, this may be the reason. The Oregon Republican Party wants you to be able to vote in next Tuesday’s election. In the 2010 election, Republican Chris Dudley lost his race for governor by just over 1 percent. Last May, another Republican race ended in a tie vote, and was literally decided by a dice roll. Don’t let our state’s future be determined by a roll of the dice. You may be the deciding vote. Contact your county elections office immediately. By going directly to the elections office, you can reactivate your registration, pick up your ballot, and vote on the spot.”  (Some early calls used a slightly different script)

Incredibly, Secretary of State Jean Atkins has tried to spin this as voter suppression, with the liberal media echoing her false narrative.  But Oregon voters know better!  They are thanking the ORP for alerting them of their status and providing information on how to get their ballots to vote!

Our plan is working and people are engaging.  County elections clerks are reporting a burst in phone calls and increase in ballot pickups as a result of being notified that they were on the inactive voters list.  These calls never told callers their vote wouldn’t count or that they were not registered.  This was a complete fabrication on the part of the Secretary of State and the Democrat Party. 

We need your help.  If any of you recorded the KOIN 6 news broadcast where the Secretary of State asked people to “just ignore the calls” please let me know.  That IS voter suppression and it needs to be addressed.  Kevin Hoar and I were watching when the video was pulled down and the narrative was changed.   It really is important to get a copy of the original video if anyone has it recorded.

Today is a very exciting day for Oregon Republicans!  We have great candidates for our statewide offices, our federal offices, House seats, Senate seats, county commissioners, mayors, city councilor, and on down the ballot.   Many have worked very hard on the Defeat97 campaign.  The ORP has sent out over 200,000 mail pieces for candidates, thus saving them thousands of dollars.

Each and every one of you has had a part in our successes and we can’t thank you enough.  The time has come to start turning this state around and we couldn’t do it without your support. 

If you want to read the articles regarding the overreaching and inflammatory rhetoric about our GOTV automated call, please click on these links:

We’re on our way!

Winning Oregon Together,

Bill Currier, Chairman

Oregon Republican Party

Candidates Picnic


How to Handle Bureaucrats in Oregon

Request and Response.






Cities in Decline


Greg Walden on Armed Standoff in Oregon

Urgent- Cove Citizens

Cove Republicans,
The Cove City Council, by not taking a vote, defaulted to having marijuana legal for growing in the City of Cove.

62.59% of the citizens of the city of Cove voted NO on this.  64.52% of  rural Cove citizens voted NO.

This does not go into effect until Dec. 24th.

There is not another city council meeting scheduled, but you could request one.

Mayor: Lyndon Rose
Cove City Office: 541 568-4566
City Council members:  Bob Rhinevault
Nate Conrad
Vickie Hagey
Doug Kruse
Regina Kruse

I am writing this as a citizen of the Cove community, a mom, and one who cares about the future of our city, state, and country.  I will help in way I can to change this.

I need each of you who are opposed to contact the City of Cove and request a meeting and vote before 12/24. Please share with everyone you know.

Thank you,
Chris Barreto
PCP -Union County 07
541 910-5247

Public meeting notice – Important


Notice to Baker County residents and other interested parties –

The Baker County Commission will be having it’s 3rd (as we remember) coordination meeting with the Wallowa Whitman National Forest, on planning efforts going on within the boundaries of Baker County.

The meeting will be Dec. 16th starting at 10:30 am at the county courthouse.

While this is meeting is not a meeting for the general public to speak at, we would strongly encourage you to attend the meeting and show support for the efforts of the Baker County commission to support open motorized access and natural resources use from our public lands.

Also there are additional meetings that will be held throughout Eastern Oregon listed below, these are meetings for the public to speak at.

We would ask that you and your family speak to the fact of how restriction of open motorized access to public lands will negatively impact your family and that your desired condition for the Wallowa Whitman and Malheur National Forest to remain fully open to motorized access.

Please click on image below to see schedule.

additional meetings

Please attend if you can.

Action Alert: BOLI looks to circumvent court process


ALERT! HB 2386 has a final work session this Wednesday the 18th at 8am.

We need letters and phone calls to members of the Business and Labor Committee ASAP!! That is unless you want BOLI to shut down businesses without due process.

This bill gives the Labor Commissioner the authority to circumvent the processes already in place that protect businesses from false accusations. HB 2386 will create a pure anti-business climate that will make any accused business automatically guilty until proven innocent.

Labor Commissioner Avakian is asking for ultimate authority for himself.

Assert your opinion and make your voice heard! Tell the House B&L Committee members NO ON HB2386!

Please share with every business you know and encourage them to call:
Chair Holvey 503 986-1408 ; Rep Barton 503 986-1440;
Rep Doherty 503 986-1435 ; Rep Evans 503 986-1420 ; Rep Fagan 503 986-1451
Rep Nosse 503 986-1442

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Gearing Up in Oregon

Gearing Up in Oregon:

Thursday the Yamhill County Commission unanimously passed Resolution 011415.
This resolution expresses the County’s opposition to any expansion of Oregon’s failed “background check” system. This was a great victory and a terrific first step to getting other counties to stand up to Portland and say “not here.” We are grateful to all who came and voiced their support for the resolution. Oregonians traveled from as far away as Rogue River to express their approval. No one testified against it. Now we need to get other counties to step up. Yamhill has taken the lead. Where does your county stand? It’s critical that each of us hold our county commissioners accountable. If the bullies from Portland try to control the entire state, it is the sheriffs and county commissioners who can stop them..

Baker County County Passed a Resolution

Time to stand up for our rights and not let the liberals take them away.
In a week there will be a dozen gun bills presented, time is critical.

Let’s flood the phones in Salem with our voices!  Call every Democrat and let them know how you feel.

Republicans Rising!

Current projections show the Republicans taking control of the US Senate in the election to be held on Tuesday, November 4:

The liberal New York Times is still trying to defend the indefensible – the Obama presidency :

Obama is the Liar-in-Chief.  If you think that sounds harsh, just take a look here at only a few of his many lies:

Republicans will increase their majority in the US House.  Nancy Pelosi and her ilk couldn’t even begin to come close to winning it back:

Thanks, in large measure,  to the leftist policies of Barack Obama and Harry Reid, voters now want Republicans to control Congress:

Obama has squandered the goodwill of the American people and now he is throwing the Democrats under the bus:

Tea Party Republicans are fired up and ready to vote:

Recent polls point to a decisive GOP victory:

It’s way past time to take our country back from the radical liberals and progressives:

Recent polls show the GOP rising:

Obama disapproval spikes and Democrat candidates can’t even say his name out loud for fear of angering voters:

The Democrats are the folks who support and vote with Obama.  They are his strong allies and supporters – so he says:

“President Obama is about as popular on the campaign trail these days as the Ebola virus”

The Democrats say Obama care is no longer an issue.  Uh…yes it is:

Obama (with his convenient and timely southern accent) and the Democrats have used and betrayed the black community in America:


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The Conservative Review

Often our elected representatives talk one way and end up, over time, voting another way.  There is a new website “The Conservative Review” that does by far the best job of ranking politicians to see if they actually walk the walk as professed proponents of constitutional and conservative principles. You may be surprised to see where some of Representatives rank.

Conservative Review Logo

My Personal Endorsement

Dear friends,

Nothing is more important for the future of our nation than the education of our children.

I am personally endorsing two men running for school board positions.
Chris Woodworth, candidate for La Grande School District, and Phillip O’Reilly for Union School District.

As a Republican, I embrace and promote conservative values at a grassroots level within our community. Chris Woodworth and Phillip O’ Reilly clearly embody these values. I am convinced their blend of fiscal experience, leadership skills and their honest desire to serve the public will enhance these school boards. They are dedicated to public transparency, parental involvement, decisions that benefit teachers and students, and financial common sense. It is time to stem the liberal tide that has flooded our school system, and return to strong traditional American principles.

I look forward to joining with fellow Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, non-affiliates, and all voters of a conservative mindset to create the best educational environment possible for our children. Please cast your votes for Chris
Woodworth, La Grande School Board or for Phillip O’Reilly, Union School Board.

Greg Barreto

Union County Republican Chairman
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Bills at the Capitol this week

Oregon Citizens Lobby Alert release March 16, 2013
Please share this alert! Your voice counts!
The people themselves, and not their servants, can safely reverse their own deliberate decisions. -Abraham Lincoln
Report from Oregon Citizens Lobby Elections, Initiatives and Referenda Team
Please URGE A NO VOTE on all these bills.
There are several proposed elections bills which will Constitutionally change the way we choose and recall our governing bodies!
HB 2738–FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Elected PCPs.  Changes name of office of “precinct committee person” to “precinct representative.”  Modifies manner in which precinct representatives may be elected.  Ask for a NO VOTE!!  This bill doubles the amount of PCPs which will now be named PCRs, and sets for a system where their election is virtually eliminated.  HB 2738 also takes away certain voting rights of elected PCPs vs. appointed PCPs.
HB 3304 **–FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Creates Commission on Fitness of County Clerks to appoint county clerks, hold hearings upon complaint concerning conduct of county clerk and censure or remove county clerks for cause.  Ask for a NO VOTE!! 
Only takes affect if HJR 32 is approved by the people.
Clerks are locally elected and accountable to local citizens.  This bill calls for a drastic change in the way we choose and recall the office of County Clerk.  A total assault on Local Control, it creates an expensive and potentially abusive bureaucracy to oversee County Clerks.  All of the current selection and discipline of these Clerks is changed.  They are subject to a hearing on the accusation of One citizen and some of the information that is presented in the hearings done by the ‘Masters’ may be hidden from the public (See Section 5 of this bill).  Please read the draconian language of this bill for yourself.
HJR 32–FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to remove county clerks from elective officials of county.  Ask for a NO VOTE!!
This bill calls for drastic change in the way we choose and recall the office of County Clerk and it is a total assault on Local Control.  This bill is subject to the public vote. Currently these Clerks are locally elected and accountable to local citizens through the election and recall process.  Recalls are already set forth in Article ll Section 18 of our Oregon Constitution (***or see quotation at bottom of this letter).  This is an Extraordinary Assault on our Constitutional rights!!
HB 2198–FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Requires designated voter registration agencies to submit change of address information to Secretary of State for purposes of updating voter registration.  Ask for a NO VOTE!!  This sets up a nanny gossip reporting system from all agencies to update elector’s registration information.  The bill includes VERBAL information given to any department.  Communication is not always done well, and now, to add in verbal communications, misspellings and misunderstandings, among others, makes this process not workable, especially by a third party.  Communication about the elector’s information should be left to the elector. Voter registration misinformation can result in a class 3 felony charge for the elector.
HB 3077–FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Enacts Interstate Compact for Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote.  Ask for a NO VOTE!!  This is an assault on our US Constitution.  It destroys the way we include all citizens from our society so they have an equal opportunity to be represented.  Bill Whittle explains the Electoral college
OCL have analyzed these bills, view at
TTV requires to enter the bill number
Do whatever you can to dissuade these bills.  Come to the House Rules Committee for Monday at 3PM Hearing Room 50.  Ask them to do something specific: VOTE NO, or amend the bills.  Be courteous but firm.  Extend invitations to them to talk with yourself and citizens you know.  Also check out for more information on writing to your legislator.
The following suggestions are listed as to their impact on the process.  It is especially important if one of them is your representative!  (Please let me know if this is the case for you.)
·       Show up at the hearing and tell your story HOW THIS BILL WILL AFFECT YOU!  THIS MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!!
·       Make calls to the Legislators
·       Fax a letter to them.
·       Email a letter to them.
Here are the committee members and email contacts .
Chair, Representative Chris Garrett; Vice-Chair, Representative Wally Hicks; Vice-Chair, Representative Val Hoyle;  Members:  Representative Bob Jenson, Representative Bill Kennemer, Representative Paul Holvey, Representative Phil Barnhart, Representative Vicki Berger, and Representative Michael Dembrow.  You can send one email to the committee Administrator, Erin Seiler, prior to Monday and it should be distributed to House Rules members.
Please share this information with your friends. I am of course always interested in your take on these bills, please send me any comments you would like to share. Blessings to all of you striving for freedom and the rule of Constitutional laws!
Janice Dysinger
503 757 0670
To receive targeted alerts, please Join us! Get Alerts!
Rick Hoffine
OCL Communications
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Oregon Citizens Lobby Alert release March 16, 2013

Please share this alert! Your voice counts! 
The people themselves, and not their servants, can safely reverse their own deliberate decisions. -Abraham Lincoln
Report from Oregon Citizens Lobby Elections, Initiatives and Referenda Team
Please URGE A NO VOTE on all these bills.
There are several proposed elections bills which will Constitutionally change the way we choose and recall our governing bodies!
HB 2738–FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Elected PCPs.  Changes name of office of “precinct committee person” to “precinct representative.”  Modifies manner in which precinct representatives may be elected. Ask for a NO VOTE!!  This bill doubles the amount of PCPs which will now be named PCRs, and sets for a system where their election is virtually eliminated.  HB 2738 also takes away certain voting rights of elected PCPs vs. appointed PCPs.
HB 3304 **–FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Creates Commission on Fitness of County Clerks to appoint county clerks, hold hearings upon complaint concerning conduct of county clerk and censure or remove county clerks for cause.  Ask for a NO VOTE!! 
Only takes affect if HJR 32 is approved by the people. 
Clerks are locally elected and accountable to local citizens.  This bill calls for a drastic change in the way we choose and recall the office of County Clerk.  A total assault on Local Control, it creates an expensive and potentially abusive bureaucracy to oversee County Clerks.  All of the current selection and discipline of these Clerks is changed.  They are subject to a hearing on the accusation of One citizen and some of the information that is presented in the hearings done by the ‘Masters’ may be hidden from the public (See Section 5 of this bill).  Please read the draconian language of this bill for yourself.
HJR 32–FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to remove county clerks from elective officials of county.  Ask for a NO VOTE!!
This bill calls for drastic change in the way we choose and recall the office of County Clerk and it is a total assault on Local Control.  This bill is subject to the public vote. Currently these Clerks are locally elected and accountable to local citizens through the election and recall process.  Recalls are already set forth inArticle ll Section 18 of our Oregon Constitution (***or see quotation at bottom of this letter).  This is anExtraordinary Assault on our Constitutional rights!!


Update on SB746 from Senator Hansell

Hi everyone,
I want everyone to know that SB746 is a bill I introduced on behalf of Morrow and Umatilla Counties. 
The bill tells the State not the counties what the reuse plan will be for the Umatilla Army Depot, based on the plan developed by the Counties.  Please do not rally against it. 
Bill Hansell
State Senator

This is the information from Irene:

3/21/2013 3:00p.m. Hearing Room C Rural Communities and Economic Development Committee
SB 746 directs Morrow and Umatilla county to develop industrial and commercial land uses on land formerly known as Umatilla Chemical Depot.  (I put this in because I personally hate to see the state dictating to the counties what they should be doing with county land.)

We appreciate Senator Hansell’s information.
This bill is about local control, which is what we all want!

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Sheriff Associations and 290 Sheriffs Officially say No to Gun Control

Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen makes the list. See the growing list.