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Community Town Hall Meetings

News from Representative Walden
Dear Friend:

I wanted to remind you of the community town hall meetings I am holding near you next week. I need your input on the biggest issues facing our communities and our country, and hope you’ll join me at these town halls so that I can hear from you directly. The meeting locations and details are listed below, and I look forward to seeing you there.

In the U.S. House, I’m working hard — along with President Trump and his team — to roll back costly regulations created under the previous administration, relieve burdens created by government agencies in our rural communities, and create jobs in Oregon. Improving federal land management, protecting our Constitutional rights, and putting an end to mismanagement and mistreatment at the VA are also top priorities for me.

At these meetings, I’ll give an update on these issues and take your questions and comments. I regularly visit and hold meetings in each of the 20 counties in our nearly 70,000 square mile district. In fact, I held 27 town halls in 2016 alone (at least one in each county), and I’ve held 137 since 2012. While these town halls require a lot of “windshield time” in the car, I rely on the visits as one way to help me stay in close touch with local communities in Oregon.

Monday, May 8, 2017

What: Baker County Town Hall Meeting
When: 9:30am – 10:30am PDT
Where: Baker High School Main Gymnasium, 2500 E Street, Baker City

What: Union County Town Hall Meeting
When: 12:15pm – 1:15pm PDT
Where: Stella Mayfield Elementary School Auditorium, 1111 Division Street, Elgin

What: Wallowa County Town Hall Meeting
When: 2:30pm – 3:30pm PDT
Where: Wallowa Elementary School Cafeteria, 315 W 1st Street, Wallowa

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thank you for considering attendance at these town hall meetings near you. You can reach my office in Oregon toll-free at (800) 533-3303 if you have any questions. I hope to see you next week. It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District

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Gorsuch, Democrat Hypocrisy on Display

This really grates. No principles whatever, just take advantage in whatever way presents.

Greg Walden and Repeal of Obamacare

Chairman Walden said:

“After years of Obamacare’s broken promises, House Republicans today took an important step. We’ve spent the last eight years listening to folks across this country, and today we’re proud to put forth a plan that reflects eight years’ worth of those conversations with families, patients, and doctors. Simply put, we have a Better Way to deliver solutions that put patients – not bureaucrats – first, and we are moving forward united in our efforts to rescue the American people from the mess Obamacare has created.

“With today’s legislation, we return power back to the states – strengthening Medicaid and prioritizing our nation’s most vulnerable. We provide the American people with what they’ve asked for: greater choice, lower cost, and flexibility to choose the plan that best suits their needs. Today is just the first step in helping families across this country obtain truly affordable health care, and we’re eager to get this rescue mission started.

The Affordable Care Act turned out to be anything but affordable, both for families in Oregon and the federal government. Health insurance markets are in a death spiral. For families, average premiums this year increased by 27% in Oregon, following a 23% increase the previous year. And annual federal spending on Medicaid and Medicare will increase by nearly $1 trillion in by 2027 unless we right the ship — not to mention Medicaid’s estimated $36.3 billion in improper payments.

That’s why I’m proud to be leading the charge to repeal and replace Obamacare with a patient-centered solution that fixes our broken health care system. Our bill, which you can read at, makes real conservative reforms to make health care affordable for families.

Entitlement reform — This bill represents the largest entitlement reform the federal government has undertaken in the last 20 years. Medicaid is a vital program for families across Oregon, but Obamacare put Medicaid on an unsustainable path. We need to make sure this critical lifeline is available not just for patients tomorrow, but also for patients 10 years from now. That’s why our bill bends the federal cost curve and refocuses Medicaid’s limited resources to the patients most in need. By responsibly winding down the Medicaid expansion, we are significantly decreasing the federal footprint in health care and giving patients who have benefited from the expansion a tax credit to spend on their health care the way they see fit — not as dictated by bureaucrats in Washington.

$1 trillion tax cut — Obamacare’s regulations alone have already cost the American economy more than $53 billion to date. The ACA also empowered the IRS to become the police of health care coverage through the individual mandate. The only problem being that the American people did not bow down to this federal government decree: just this past year, 19.2 million people either paid the individual mandate penalty or claimed an exemption, far more than the 10.3 million individuals who are signed up for plans on Obamacare exchanges. With taxes and penalties, Obamacare tried to coerce people into signing up for federal health care, when in reality what they need is more choice and freedom to find a plan that works for them. That’s why our plan repeals $1 trillion on Obamacare taxes, and returns control over health care back to patients and their doctors.

Defunding Planned Parenthood — In addition to the other reforms we’ve put into place, our bill will defund Planned Parenthood and get the federal government out of the abortion business once and for all. This is not about denying access to women’s health services — on the contrary, we are doubling funding for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), which provide many of the same women’s health services as Planned Parenthood, but also preserve the First Amendment rights of employers and employees alike by not having their tax dollars subsidize abortions.

Returning control of health care to states — Oregon has always been a leading state in health care innovation. The Coordinated Care Organizations have done some great work in reducing the state’s cost curve while improving access to care, but those successes have not come without difficulties. Insurers have continued to flee Oregon’s individual market, and premiums have continued to rise, leaving patients with fewer choices and higher costs. That’s why our bill returns control over health care to states, which have long been the laboratories for successful delivery of care at a sustainable cost to the government. Your doctors are in Oregon, not Washington, D.C. — shouldn’t your health care decisions be made in Oregon, too?

Our work to empower patients and put them back in control of their health care is not done, but this bill is a good first step — again you can read it at Please know that I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress and with the Administration to save our nation’s health care and repair the damage Obamacare has done.

It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District

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Rep. Walden live telephone town hall

Dear Friend:

I’d like to invite you to join me in a live, telephone town hall discussion I will be holding on Monday, February 6, at 10:45am. During the meeting, you’ll get an update on my work to grow the economy and solve the issues confronting Oregonians, and you’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions. I look forward to hearing what issues are on your mind, and have gotten very positive feedback from people who enjoy the substantive discussions, and listening to what others from around our enormous district have to say. Some people prefer this way to communicate because it’s too difficult for them to attend the town halls in person. For others the travel distance is simply too far, or they just aren’t comfortable in that setting.

To register for the meeting, please click here to sign up to be called Monday morning. If you cannot make this meeting, but would like to register for future telephone town halls, please contact my office by clicking here or by calling 800-533-3303. This is my first telephone town hall of 2017, and you can be sure that I will hold more throughout the year. I also recently held my first in-person town hall of the year in Lake County, which marked my 130th since 2012. These events are effective ways to hear from Oregonians, along with Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, mail and email.

Again, to register for the telephone town hall meeting, please click here.

I’d also encourage you to sign up for my free, weekly E-Newsletter, like my page on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter for updates on the latest news from Oregon and Washington, D.C.

Thank you, and I look forward to you joining the telephone town hall on Monday! It’s an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District

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SWEET VICTORY! Mainstream Media Meltdown

Thanks to President-Elect Donald J. TRUMP – IT IS A NEW DAY IN  AMERICA!  We now have REAL hope and we WILL have positive change.  In a total repudiation of OBAMA and his failed policies, we forgotten men and women, we the (deplorable) people of the USA have taken our country back!


Republicans hold the US Senate:


Republicans retain the US House of Representatives:


Republicans now hold two thirds of the Governorships:


Republicans win the White House – The FINAL Electoral College margin of victory: TRUMP 306 – CLINTON 232


TRUMP, not CLINTON, will shape the Supreme Court!


NOW…for the fun part!


Here was Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball prediction  (the “expert” that FOX News has been having on the Megyn Kelly show:


Here was the final prediction from the delusional Los Angeles Times newspaper:


TRUMP won and the Liberal media lost their minds:


The more the media attempted to discredit the Republican nominee, the more they discredited themselves:


The OBAMA “legacy” ends in utter defeat – He campaigned non-stop for CLINTON and ended the campaign in Pennsylvania (where TRUMP pulled off a stunning victory):


“Change you can believe in” is coming:




Americans for Liberty PAC

A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers

Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA

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(541) 963-7930

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Email [email protected]

A Message from Bill Courier, ORP

Good evening,

Wow, we are getting national attention with our GOTV effort and seem to have really struck a nerve with the Democrat Party.  I wanted to update each of you on the ongoing media hype regarding our GOTV calls and inactive voter surge.  On Friday and throughout the weekend a series of automated calls were made to thousands of Republicans who were already registered but have been placed on the inactive list by the Secretary of State.

The voice message was simple and direct: ““Voter registration records have been reviewed in your county and there is a possibility that you or someone in your household may have had their voter registration marked inactive. If you have not received your ballot yet, this may be the reason. The Oregon Republican Party wants you to be able to vote in next Tuesday’s election. In the 2010 election, Republican Chris Dudley lost his race for governor by just over 1 percent. Last May, another Republican race ended in a tie vote, and was literally decided by a dice roll. Don’t let our state’s future be determined by a roll of the dice. You may be the deciding vote. Contact your county elections office immediately. By going directly to the elections office, you can reactivate your registration, pick up your ballot, and vote on the spot.”  (Some early calls used a slightly different script)

Incredibly, Secretary of State Jean Atkins has tried to spin this as voter suppression, with the liberal media echoing her false narrative.  But Oregon voters know better!  They are thanking the ORP for alerting them of their status and providing information on how to get their ballots to vote!

Our plan is working and people are engaging.  County elections clerks are reporting a burst in phone calls and increase in ballot pickups as a result of being notified that they were on the inactive voters list.  These calls never told callers their vote wouldn’t count or that they were not registered.  This was a complete fabrication on the part of the Secretary of State and the Democrat Party. 

We need your help.  If any of you recorded the KOIN 6 news broadcast where the Secretary of State asked people to “just ignore the calls” please let me know.  That IS voter suppression and it needs to be addressed.  Kevin Hoar and I were watching when the video was pulled down and the narrative was changed.   It really is important to get a copy of the original video if anyone has it recorded.

Today is a very exciting day for Oregon Republicans!  We have great candidates for our statewide offices, our federal offices, House seats, Senate seats, county commissioners, mayors, city councilor, and on down the ballot.   Many have worked very hard on the Defeat97 campaign.  The ORP has sent out over 200,000 mail pieces for candidates, thus saving them thousands of dollars.

Each and every one of you has had a part in our successes and we can’t thank you enough.  The time has come to start turning this state around and we couldn’t do it without your support. 

If you want to read the articles regarding the overreaching and inflammatory rhetoric about our GOTV automated call, please click on these links:

We’re on our way!

Winning Oregon Together,

Bill Currier, Chairman

Oregon Republican Party

Putting an end to government slush funds

I don’t think it’s right that a government agency, such as the Department of Justice, (DoJ), can go after a private entity and basically extort money for activist organizations as part of a settlement agreement.  And yet that is what’s happening.

For example, over the past few years, DoJ has negotiated settlement agreements with banks who contributed to the mortgage crisis almost a decade ago. But instead of dedicating the entirety of this money to paying down our debt or improving public services, the Justice Department has allowed these banks to meet some of their settlement obligations by donating money to nongovernment organizations. This is, by definition, an appropriation of funds–as the Constitution clearly states, “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law.”

Furthermore, some of the groups that have benefited from these “donations” have no relation to the mortgage crisis, rather, they were chosen to receive these funds because they serve liberal and political objectives. Evidence even suggests that activist groups actually lobbied DoJ for this funding, indicating a clear political motive in the doling out of these settlement funds.

The Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) has directed nearly a billion dollars to activist groups entirely outside of Congress’s spending and oversight authority. This is wrong and the House just voted to stop this abusive overreach when it passed the Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act of 2016 (H.R. 5063). This important bill ensures that settlement money goes either directly to victims, or to the Treasury where your elected representatives decide how it is spent. It’s time we rein in this President and the abusive tactics of the bureaucracy.

I will continue to work on legislation in the House that returns the proper balance of authority to our federal government, and prevents further abuse of power by the President and his administration.

It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District

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Clinton documentary at the Granada

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is now playing at the Granada 3 Theatre in La Grande this Saturday


Watch the trailer here:


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Last 30 Days



Keep in touch with Rep. Greg Walden on Facebook

Dear Friend,

From town hall meetings in Oregon (I’ve held 45 in just the past year and a half), telephone town halls, my websitee-mail, snail mail, and social media, I use many different ways to keep in touch with Oregonians in southern, central, and eastern Oregon.

Facebook is one of my favorite ways to share pictures and stories of my meetings around our state, and I regularly post updates on my work in the nation’s capital and problems I’m working to solve for you. Plus, it’s a great way to get feedback from you on legislation pending in Congress and other local and national issues.

I hope you’ll “like” my page to follow along. Click here or on the photo below to ‘”like” my Facebook page so updates come right to your newsfeed. 

It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District


House Select Committee on Benghazi releases final report

News from Representative Walden
On September 11, 2012, four brave Americans—including Ambassador Chris Stevens and Oregonian Tyrone Woods—lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. Their sacrifice in service to our country, and the selfless actions of many others on the ground that night, should be honored and remembered by all Americans. We owe it to them to learn the truth about what really happened so we can prevent it from ever happening again.Over two years ago, I voted to create the House Select Committee on Benghazi so that we can learn the facts and make sure that those responsible are held accountable. Chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the committee has interviewed over 80 witnesses and obtained more than 75,000 new documents. Today, it released its investigative report in full—800 pages detailing the events leading up to, during, and after the attack in Benghazi. Please click here to read the report in its entirety.

The American people deserve the facts, and the House will continue its work to get to the truth and to prevent a future attack from happening. Again, please click here to read the Select Committee’s final report.

It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District

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Public Trust in Government


Greg Walden: Abuse of Executive Power


Good news in the fight against abuse of executive power and Obamacare: a federal court has ruled in favor of the U.S. House of Representatives in a lawsuit against the Administration’s unconstitutional use of taxpayer dollars to subsidize health insurers.

The Obama administration has repeatedly abused executive power and flouted basic Constitutional principles. In November 2014, the House responded by passaging a resolution I strongly supported that empowered Speaker of the House John Boehner to file a lawsuit in making the case that the administration spent taxpayer money that Congress never authorized or appropriated for such purpose. Last week, a federal court agreed with our case and followed the plain meaning of the Constitution and upheld the rule of law.

While the Administration plans to appeal the ruling, know that I will continue to fight to protect our Constitutional rights and to rein in wasteful spending at every opportunity.  This decision sends a clear message that the executive branch must follow the Constitution and respect the role of Congress

It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.


Best regards,

Greg Walden

U.S. Representative

Oregon’s Second District

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Biggest Scam Ever

Global Warming is corporatism and crony capitalism at its worst. At $1.5 trillion annually, it is one of the biggest scams in history. Just follow the money. The big corporations love the onerous, useless and expensive regulations because they can afford it and it buys them effective barriers against smaller companies and they like anything that leads to a monopoly. Plus, a few well placed donations buys them any exclusive exemptions they may want. The faux scientists love it too as they can get funding and prestige for anything that promotes global warming. Bought and paid for. What’s not to love? And the politicians love it too. Not only do they get the big donations but they get to scoop up the “feels good to save the planet” votes of the scam victims. Yup, everyone wins except the poor and the middle class who bear the costs.


About Executive Amnesty

Dear Friend,
The House has taken an unprecedented step to stop President Obama’s executive overreach. We have voted to authorize Speaker Ryan to officially weigh in with the Supreme Court in a case that tests the legitimacy of the President’s executive amnesty.Filling this brief in the case U.S. v. Texas is a first-of-its-kind action. But the President’s drastic overreach calls for a tough response on behalf of the House. As Speaker Ryan said, “The president is not permitted to write law, only Congress is.” I couldn’t agree more.


It has been just over a year since President Obama announced his plans to use his executive authority to make sweeping changes to our immigration laws. The President took this step despite saying many times that he didn’t even have the legal authority to do so. Yet he moved forward anyway.


In response to the President’s actions, Texas has led nearly two dozen states in suing the Administration to stop it. Texas and the other states have won every round of court. The case is expected to be argued before the Supreme Court in April.


Our vote in the House allows Speaker Ryan to file a brief with the Supreme Court that officially states our opposition to the President’s blanket amnesty program in defense of Congress’s powers under the Constitution.


I have always believed that a nation that does not have control of its borders does not have control of its security. That’s why I have consistently worked to strengthen border security and enforce the law of the land.  I’ve also worked hard to defend our Constitution and speak out against the President’s executive overreach. I am hopeful that the Supreme Court will do the same.


It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.


Best regards,


Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District

The “One Subject at a Time Bill”

Wow, we need this in Washington. Here is more information.

H.R. 4335, would do the following:

  • Require that each bill enacted by Congress be limited to only one subject;
  • End the practice of attaching controversial legislation to unrelated, must-pass bills;
  • Require the subject of a bill to be clearly state in its title;
  • Make void in appropriations bills, general legislation that does not pertain to the underlying (appropriations) bill;
  • Make the legislative process more transparent to the public

Harney County Resolution


Whereas; Harney County is a rural county within the State of Oregon within which about 73% (4,800,000 out of
6,500,000 acres) is managed by the Federal Government. And;

Whereas ; Harney County is blessed with an abundance of grazing and forest lands which are capable of providing
valuable resources to its people, County and State government. And;

Whereas; Harney County at one time was one of the wealthiest per capita Counties in Oregon when its resources
were being developed and used to their sustainable capacity. And;

Whereas; Harney County is now near the bottom of per capita income in Oregon due to the diminished use of its
natural resources and mismanagement of its public lands. And;

Whereas; The Federal Government and the State of Oregon have failed to manage these public lands in the County
in a manner that is protective and beneficial to the residents of Harney County. And;

Whereas; The people of Harney County, due to the County’s rural and natural resource land character, are unable to
sustain an economic base within the county that will provide its residents and families with ongoing sources of jobs
and services without the sustained contribution to its economy from those endemic natural resources. And;

Whereas; The Federal agencies are constrained and at the mercy of small but vocal groups of radical
environmentalists who use the myriad of laws regulating Federally managed lands, which creates for them
impenetrable obstacles to the development and sustained use of the resources within the County. And;

Whereas; The ownership/control of those lands within the sovereign State of Oregon are held in a defacto manner by
the Federal government, which holding is in violation of the Constitution of the United States, (US Constitution,
Article 1, Section 8, clause 17) as well as being to the detriment of the best interest of the State of Oregon and the
County of Harney residents. And;

Whereas; Within the County of Harney resides the personnel, talent and skilled workforce to locally better manage
those public lands and develop and market those public land resources in order to better sustain the local and State
economies while providing a healthier, safer environment on those public lands now under Federal management.

Whereas; Because The County Sheriff, duly elected by the people, is the rightful premier law enforcement officer in
Harney County and the first and last line of protection from abuses both from private and public offenders of our
laws and Constitution, and said Constitution is the premier law of the land. And;

Whereas; The local management of public land within Harney County will create a simpler, more efficient, more
manageable, more productive and more functional use of those lands. Therefore;

Be it Resolved; We the undersigned residents of Harney County do hereby support the development of a plan to
provide the expedient, systematic and harmonious transfer of all currently managed Federal lands within Harney
County to the jurisdiction of the people of Harney County.

Greg Walden on Armed Standoff in Oregon

Update — Obamacare in 2016

A Message From Representative Walden

Since Obamacare’s rollout almost six years ago, I have continued to look for ways to clean up the mess that’s impacted our nation’s healthcare system. We need to get back to a system that’s centered on patients, without putting big government in the middle.


Recently, a new bill was signed into law that funds the government through September but does not contain any new spending on Obamacare.


Moreover, the new plan cuts $15 million from the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), one of Obamacare’s most controversial features. That’s $5 million more than was cut from the IPAB in last year’s budget. The IPAB is an unelected board of bureaucrats that can ration Medicare spending with little oversight from Congress. That’s not right. Medicare is a promise to our seniors that must not be broken. This funding cut is an important step towards stopping this rationing board.


In addition, the House has taken steps to delay taxes on health insurance plans and medical devices that so many rely on. The delay of three cost-heavy, onerous Obamacare taxes is a win for patients, consumers, workers, and businesses. When combined, the delay of these taxes puts $35 billion back in the pockets of the American people this year.


Our budget for 2016 puts us on track to combat the worst abuses of Obamacare. Moving forward, you can be sure that I will continue to oppose this flawed law and advocate for solutions that return Oregonians to a patient-focused health system.


It’s an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.


Best regards,


Greg Walden

U.S. Representative

Oregon’s Second District


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Conservatives in Oregon

NE Oregon is a sad place to be if you believe in conservative principles. At least we have Ron Wyden who is rated as one of the best of the worst.

NE Oregon Conservatives


The Liberty Score® grades members of Congress on the top 50 votes over the past six years. The rolling six-year window shows a more accurate picture of a lawmaker’s performance than the traditional one or two-year scoring methods. The Liberty Score® empowers conservatives to quickly determine if a politician is supporting conservative principles separating their rhetoric from reality. Members elected after to 2009 will have scores based on less than 50 key votes.
Scores are determined by points earned divided by potential points. Voting with the conservative position earns 1 point, voting against the conservative position earns 0 points. Missed votes are not included in a member of Congress’ score. A letter grade is assigned to each member to help you quickly determine if a lawmaker is supporting conservative principles. The Liberty Score® helps evaluate your Representatives and Senators, providing the tools necessary to separate rhetoric from reality.

GREG WALDEN AT A GLANCE  (by Conservative Review)

Greg Walden was first elected to Congress in 1998. Prior to serving in the House, Walden owned and operated various radio stations throughout the state of Oregon. From 1988 through 1995, Walden was a member of the Oregon State House of Representatives. In 1995, he was appointed to the state senate to fill a vacancy although he did not seek a second term.

At present, he is the only Republican representative from the state of Oregon.

Despite representing an overwhelmingly Republican district, Walden is not conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He is a member of the moderate Republican Main Street Partnership, which was founded in the wake of the 1994 Republican Revolution to “further a centrist, pragmatic Republican agenda — one that could accommodate bipartisan legislative results.” (Republican Main Street Partnership)

During his time in Congress, Walden has consistently voted for bigger government. He voted in favor of both TARP bills and in favor of the 2008 “stimulus” bill. He has also consistently votes in favor of maintaining union wage subsidies by voting in favor of Davis-Bacon provisions; regulations that drastically drive up the cost of labor on federal projects.

In 2014, President Obama proposed making reforms to Social Security and Medicare systems. The changes would have restrained federal entitlement spending. Walden complained that the president was “trying to balance this budget on the backs of seniors”. (CNN)

One bright spot in Walden’s record is his vote against ending the 2013 government shutdown. At the time he stated: “Every day, families throughout Oregon and the country sit down around their kitchen tables to balance their budgets and discuss crises and practical ways to resolve them.  It’s long overdue that Washington, D.C. do the same.”Unfortunately, Walden’s actions do not always reflect that view. One departure from that rhetoric came in 2014, when he voted in favor of the “CRomnibus” legislation that funded the president’s executive amnesty program.

As the Club for Growth pointed out, “We always knew Greg Walden had a liberal record, but he really cemented it with his public opposition to even modest entitlement reform. Greg Walden has voted for bailing out Wall Street, dozens of pork projects, and against cutting the spending from the Obama stimulus. He even voted against blocking taxpayer subsidies for Viagra. Greg Walden should be held accountable for his anti-growth voting record as well as his anti-growth rhetoric.” (Huffington Post)

Support for big government has benefited Walden personally. He has grown close to House GOP leadership and Speaker John Boehner has called Representative Walden his “go-to-guy”. (NPR) Following the 2012 general election, Walden became Chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee where he has worked to protect the GOP establishment from more conservative challengers. He was re-elected to that post in 2014 and currently sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee. He is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.