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Gorsuch, Democrat Hypocrisy on Display

This really grates. No principles whatever, just take advantage in whatever way presents.

SWEET VICTORY! Mainstream Media Meltdown

Thanks to President-Elect Donald J. TRUMP – IT IS A NEW DAY IN  AMERICA!  We now have REAL hope and we WILL have positive change.  In a total repudiation of OBAMA and his failed policies, we forgotten men and women, we the (deplorable) people of the USA have taken our country back!


Republicans hold the US Senate:


Republicans retain the US House of Representatives:


Republicans now hold two thirds of the Governorships:


Republicans win the White House – The FINAL Electoral College margin of victory: TRUMP 306 – CLINTON 232


TRUMP, not CLINTON, will shape the Supreme Court!


NOW…for the fun part!


Here was Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball prediction  (the “expert” that FOX News has been having on the Megyn Kelly show:


Here was the final prediction from the delusional Los Angeles Times newspaper:


TRUMP won and the Liberal media lost their minds:


The more the media attempted to discredit the Republican nominee, the more they discredited themselves:


The OBAMA “legacy” ends in utter defeat – He campaigned non-stop for CLINTON and ended the campaign in Pennsylvania (where TRUMP pulled off a stunning victory):


“Change you can believe in” is coming:




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A Message from Bill Courier, ORP

Good evening,

Wow, we are getting national attention with our GOTV effort and seem to have really struck a nerve with the Democrat Party.  I wanted to update each of you on the ongoing media hype regarding our GOTV calls and inactive voter surge.  On Friday and throughout the weekend a series of automated calls were made to thousands of Republicans who were already registered but have been placed on the inactive list by the Secretary of State.

The voice message was simple and direct: ““Voter registration records have been reviewed in your county and there is a possibility that you or someone in your household may have had their voter registration marked inactive. If you have not received your ballot yet, this may be the reason. The Oregon Republican Party wants you to be able to vote in next Tuesday’s election. In the 2010 election, Republican Chris Dudley lost his race for governor by just over 1 percent. Last May, another Republican race ended in a tie vote, and was literally decided by a dice roll. Don’t let our state’s future be determined by a roll of the dice. You may be the deciding vote. Contact your county elections office immediately. By going directly to the elections office, you can reactivate your registration, pick up your ballot, and vote on the spot.”  (Some early calls used a slightly different script)

Incredibly, Secretary of State Jean Atkins has tried to spin this as voter suppression, with the liberal media echoing her false narrative.  But Oregon voters know better!  They are thanking the ORP for alerting them of their status and providing information on how to get their ballots to vote!

Our plan is working and people are engaging.  County elections clerks are reporting a burst in phone calls and increase in ballot pickups as a result of being notified that they were on the inactive voters list.  These calls never told callers their vote wouldn’t count or that they were not registered.  This was a complete fabrication on the part of the Secretary of State and the Democrat Party. 

We need your help.  If any of you recorded the KOIN 6 news broadcast where the Secretary of State asked people to “just ignore the calls” please let me know.  That IS voter suppression and it needs to be addressed.  Kevin Hoar and I were watching when the video was pulled down and the narrative was changed.   It really is important to get a copy of the original video if anyone has it recorded.

Today is a very exciting day for Oregon Republicans!  We have great candidates for our statewide offices, our federal offices, House seats, Senate seats, county commissioners, mayors, city councilor, and on down the ballot.   Many have worked very hard on the Defeat97 campaign.  The ORP has sent out over 200,000 mail pieces for candidates, thus saving them thousands of dollars.

Each and every one of you has had a part in our successes and we can’t thank you enough.  The time has come to start turning this state around and we couldn’t do it without your support. 

If you want to read the articles regarding the overreaching and inflammatory rhetoric about our GOTV automated call, please click on these links:

We’re on our way!

Winning Oregon Together,

Bill Currier, Chairman

Oregon Republican Party

Clinton documentary at the Granada

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is now playing at the Granada 3 Theatre in La Grande this Saturday


Watch the trailer here:


Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750
Email [email protected]

Last 30 Days



Public Trust in Government


The Cause of Economic Malaise

Some clear facts presented in this video that tend to be forgotten over time. The media doesn’t dwell on it.

In short, Democrats in congress during the Bush era caused the recession by trying to buy votes through the housing market.

The same democrats keep the recession going today.

The Pitiful Harry Reid

Sometimes there’s really interesting stuff on C-Span

Biggest Scam Ever

Global Warming is corporatism and crony capitalism at its worst. At $1.5 trillion annually, it is one of the biggest scams in history. Just follow the money. The big corporations love the onerous, useless and expensive regulations because they can afford it and it buys them effective barriers against smaller companies and they like anything that leads to a monopoly. Plus, a few well placed donations buys them any exclusive exemptions they may want. The faux scientists love it too as they can get funding and prestige for anything that promotes global warming. Bought and paid for. What’s not to love? And the politicians love it too. Not only do they get the big donations but they get to scoop up the “feels good to save the planet” votes of the scam victims. Yup, everyone wins except the poor and the middle class who bear the costs.


Harney County Resolution


Whereas; Harney County is a rural county within the State of Oregon within which about 73% (4,800,000 out of
6,500,000 acres) is managed by the Federal Government. And;

Whereas ; Harney County is blessed with an abundance of grazing and forest lands which are capable of providing
valuable resources to its people, County and State government. And;

Whereas; Harney County at one time was one of the wealthiest per capita Counties in Oregon when its resources
were being developed and used to their sustainable capacity. And;

Whereas; Harney County is now near the bottom of per capita income in Oregon due to the diminished use of its
natural resources and mismanagement of its public lands. And;

Whereas; The Federal Government and the State of Oregon have failed to manage these public lands in the County
in a manner that is protective and beneficial to the residents of Harney County. And;

Whereas; The people of Harney County, due to the County’s rural and natural resource land character, are unable to
sustain an economic base within the county that will provide its residents and families with ongoing sources of jobs
and services without the sustained contribution to its economy from those endemic natural resources. And;

Whereas; The Federal agencies are constrained and at the mercy of small but vocal groups of radical
environmentalists who use the myriad of laws regulating Federally managed lands, which creates for them
impenetrable obstacles to the development and sustained use of the resources within the County. And;

Whereas; The ownership/control of those lands within the sovereign State of Oregon are held in a defacto manner by
the Federal government, which holding is in violation of the Constitution of the United States, (US Constitution,
Article 1, Section 8, clause 17) as well as being to the detriment of the best interest of the State of Oregon and the
County of Harney residents. And;

Whereas; Within the County of Harney resides the personnel, talent and skilled workforce to locally better manage
those public lands and develop and market those public land resources in order to better sustain the local and State
economies while providing a healthier, safer environment on those public lands now under Federal management.

Whereas; Because The County Sheriff, duly elected by the people, is the rightful premier law enforcement officer in
Harney County and the first and last line of protection from abuses both from private and public offenders of our
laws and Constitution, and said Constitution is the premier law of the land. And;

Whereas; The local management of public land within Harney County will create a simpler, more efficient, more
manageable, more productive and more functional use of those lands. Therefore;

Be it Resolved; We the undersigned residents of Harney County do hereby support the development of a plan to
provide the expedient, systematic and harmonious transfer of all currently managed Federal lands within Harney
County to the jurisdiction of the people of Harney County.

Conservatives in Oregon

NE Oregon is a sad place to be if you believe in conservative principles. At least we have Ron Wyden who is rated as one of the best of the worst.

NE Oregon Conservatives


The Liberty Score® grades members of Congress on the top 50 votes over the past six years. The rolling six-year window shows a more accurate picture of a lawmaker’s performance than the traditional one or two-year scoring methods. The Liberty Score® empowers conservatives to quickly determine if a politician is supporting conservative principles separating their rhetoric from reality. Members elected after to 2009 will have scores based on less than 50 key votes.
Scores are determined by points earned divided by potential points. Voting with the conservative position earns 1 point, voting against the conservative position earns 0 points. Missed votes are not included in a member of Congress’ score. A letter grade is assigned to each member to help you quickly determine if a lawmaker is supporting conservative principles. The Liberty Score® helps evaluate your Representatives and Senators, providing the tools necessary to separate rhetoric from reality.

GREG WALDEN AT A GLANCE  (by Conservative Review)

Greg Walden was first elected to Congress in 1998. Prior to serving in the House, Walden owned and operated various radio stations throughout the state of Oregon. From 1988 through 1995, Walden was a member of the Oregon State House of Representatives. In 1995, he was appointed to the state senate to fill a vacancy although he did not seek a second term.

At present, he is the only Republican representative from the state of Oregon.

Despite representing an overwhelmingly Republican district, Walden is not conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He is a member of the moderate Republican Main Street Partnership, which was founded in the wake of the 1994 Republican Revolution to “further a centrist, pragmatic Republican agenda — one that could accommodate bipartisan legislative results.” (Republican Main Street Partnership)

During his time in Congress, Walden has consistently voted for bigger government. He voted in favor of both TARP bills and in favor of the 2008 “stimulus” bill. He has also consistently votes in favor of maintaining union wage subsidies by voting in favor of Davis-Bacon provisions; regulations that drastically drive up the cost of labor on federal projects.

In 2014, President Obama proposed making reforms to Social Security and Medicare systems. The changes would have restrained federal entitlement spending. Walden complained that the president was “trying to balance this budget on the backs of seniors”. (CNN)

One bright spot in Walden’s record is his vote against ending the 2013 government shutdown. At the time he stated: “Every day, families throughout Oregon and the country sit down around their kitchen tables to balance their budgets and discuss crises and practical ways to resolve them.  It’s long overdue that Washington, D.C. do the same.”Unfortunately, Walden’s actions do not always reflect that view. One departure from that rhetoric came in 2014, when he voted in favor of the “CRomnibus” legislation that funded the president’s executive amnesty program.

As the Club for Growth pointed out, “We always knew Greg Walden had a liberal record, but he really cemented it with his public opposition to even modest entitlement reform. Greg Walden has voted for bailing out Wall Street, dozens of pork projects, and against cutting the spending from the Obama stimulus. He even voted against blocking taxpayer subsidies for Viagra. Greg Walden should be held accountable for his anti-growth voting record as well as his anti-growth rhetoric.” (Huffington Post)

Support for big government has benefited Walden personally. He has grown close to House GOP leadership and Speaker John Boehner has called Representative Walden his “go-to-guy”. (NPR) Following the 2012 general election, Walden became Chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee where he has worked to protect the GOP establishment from more conservative challengers. He was re-elected to that post in 2014 and currently sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee. He is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.

Ted Cruz Interview

The Real Story in Washington

Wow, even though I knew most of it, I’ll never again look at Washington politics in quite the same way. Fiat justitia ruat caelum

Middle Class Income

Why the economy isn’t what it is cracked up to be…



Ted Cruz is the first Cuban/American to run for President. He has extremely strong conservative credentials:

  1. Starting at the age of 13, he participated in a Houston-based group called the Free Market Education Foundation where he learned about free-market economic philosophers such as Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Frédéric Bastiat and Ludwig von Mises.
  2. He Graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs in 1992.
  3. While at Princeton, he competed for the American Whig-Cliosophic Society’s Debate Panel and won the top speaker award at both the 1992 U.S. National Debating Championship and the 1992 North American Debating Championship.
  4. In 1992, he was named U.S. National Speaker of the Year, as well as Team of the Year, with his debate partner, David Panton. Cruz and Panton represented Harvard Law School at the 1995 World Debating Championship, making it to the semi-finals. Princeton’s debate team later named their annual novice championship after Cruz.
  5. Cruz’s senior thesis on the separation of powers, titled “Clipping the Wings of Angels,”
  6. After graduating from Princeton, Cruz attended Harvard Law School, graduating magna cum laude in 1995 with a Juris Doctor degree.
  7. While at Harvard Law, he was a primary editor of the Harvard Law Review, and executive editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, and a founding editor of the Harvard Latino Law Review.
  8. Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.” At Harvard Law, Cruz was a John M. Olin Fellow in Law and Economics.
  9. He is currently US Senator from Texas and serves on the Board of Advisors of the Texas Review of Law and Politics.
  10. He has a voting record score of 96% on conservative issues and is ranked the #2 conservative in the Senate at

The following AFP interview is informative as it goes into his personal background, national policy at some length, and also the behind the scenes politics in Washington DC.

Hillary Emails

Another day, another scandal. More lies. Plenty to hide. The tip of the iceberg.

Republican: The Party of the Future

The Republican Party has 31 governors, two-thirds of all state legislative chambers, and control of both the House and the Senate. For President in 2016, it’s candidates are numerous, strong and younger than the opposition. Much younger in many cases.



Video is a little choppy but good food for thought…

Rand Paul gets Standing Ovation from Liberal Crowd

Conservatism is more than just economic principles. It is social issues also. Here Rand Paul makes the case for respecting the Bill of Rights and preventing government overreach especially for the poor and also makes a strong case for putting decision making power back in the hands of responsible people in terms of less taxation for needy communities. He clearly wins over his audience on the clear fairness of these conservative principles and the great benefits and problems they solve.



A political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason.  A leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

The demagoguery used by Democrats so effectively in prior elections falls flat this time.  Some American voters are not as “stupid” as Grubber imagined.  The so-called “War on Women” backfired this time as Democrat women were defeated and Republican women were elected:

The Democrats try to silence black men and women that think independently of the Democrat party because it destroys the Democrat “racism” narrative:

Who is racist?  Most American’s don’t realize that Obama marched with the Black Panthers:

Obama hiring thousands of new federal employees to implement his unconstitutional executive amnesty order:

Obama is the greatest threat to freedom since King George III:

A coalition of states is suing the Obama administration over his illegal executive action immigration order:

The Democrat Obama coalition is breaking apart as working-class Americans and middle-class Americans abandon the Democrats:

Goodbye Dirty Harry!  The Republicans gain nine senate seats.  The GOP has a solid majority in the US Senate at 54 (R) to 46 (D):

The national debt hits $18 trillion:

The national debt in real time:

Real HOPE and CHANGE is coming:


Americans for Liberty PAC
A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
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